Feel free to read if you like, but this is the long version of our cute little love story!

Celeste's Side

August 4, 2012
I was staying at my brother's house in Pleasant Grove while I was dancing at a dance camp for UVU's Dance Team. One night when I got back, I was out in the backyard with my sister-in-law when I met Craig's mom, Lisa. We sat and talked in the backyard for a while. Once she had gotten to know me a little, she told me that she had a son who would be driving back from Bear Lake that weekend. I hadn't been planning to stay that weekend, but since my parents were out of town- I decided to stay the extra couple days.
*Little did I know that after I had been talking with Lisa, she went inside and called Craig and told him that he or one of his friends had to marry me!

August 5, 2012
My sister-in-law, Janae, and Lisa had set up this little neighborhood get together for that night. Craig had a bunch of his friends over and wanted to set up a volleyball game in the backyard. When I saw Craig- I thought he was pretty cute- but was a little apprehensive knowing that he was a returned missionary. (My dad had warned me before I went to college that every RM would want to marry me!- the goof :)) That night we had lots of fun playing volleyball, running around PG, and playing Dance Central. I knew that Craig was special when he beat me not only once, but twice at my own sport!! That night, his friends sort of helped him get my number and he invited me to go to church with him the next day...

August 5, 2012
Craig picked me up for church and we drove to the singles ward. I thought he was crazy for picking me up 40 minutes before church started, but was so impressed when he told me that he always went early just to enjoy the spirit before church started. At that point- I thought he must just be trying to impress me... That Sunday happened to be Fast Sunday so when he leaned over and asked me if I would like to go up with him, I froze. I totally had not been focusing on that and was a little occupied thinking about this cute guy sitting next to me. I stood up with him and went to sit on the stand (since there is always a wait in singles wards!). I got up before him and surprisingly felt quite calm. I was so impressed with his amazing testimony and sweet spirit.
That night- we played soccer in the backyard and ate ice cream :) I had no idea what I was in store for...

We didn't get to see each other for the next three weeks...Craig was up in Bear Lake writing a Pharmacy Tech program for a good family friend and I was busy with dance, family vacations, getting my wisdom teeth out, and packing up for college. We texted everyday and even talked on the phone- when I wasn't too nervous :)

August 22, 2012
I moved down to Provo in my Raintree apartment. I was more than excited for the year ahead. I was a part of the UVU Dance Team and was stoked to see what was in store. Craig had gotten back home from Bear Lake earlier that week. He picked me up and we went and got our books at the bookstore. He was so much fun- yet really quiet. For some reason- I was drawn to him because of this. I wanted to see what I could learn about him. That afternoon, he took me for my first time to Taco Amigo. (Anyone from the PG area knows that this is big deal!) I tried my first taco with "Pink Sauce," along with the amazing peach shakes :) We then went back to his house and hung out the rest of the night. He loves playing the guitar- so I thought I got a pretty special treat that night when he played for me. I had started falling for this cutie...
(yes...this was our first picture...GOOF!)

The rest of the week, we spent nearly everyday together. We went to soccer games, boating (near death experience), and went on a mini road trip to Delta...ha! His family welcomed me like I was already their daughter. Plus, even after Craig saw me with no make-up- he still pursued :) Days went by quickly- but hey- time flies when you're having fun!

On our way back from Delta, we had the dreaded DTR- at least I dreaded it. I was not looking for a serious relationship because I had just barely moved away and was looking forward to meeting many new people and having new adventures. I told him all of this, but he was persistent.

August 25, 2012
I went home to see my amazing parents. I had so many questions in my mind. Craig really had made an impression on me, and I was so scared. My parents gave me their advice and gave me a blessing to be guided to what I needed to do. That night I went over to Craig's and we took a walk. Both of our hearts were beating, madly. That night he told me that his prayers had been answered. I was the girl that he was supposed to marry. It felt so right to hear those words.

We kissed for the first time that night- never did I think that would be the last first kiss I would ever have.

The next couple of days were rocky as I fought these crazy emotions. I felt as if I was in some crazy dream- beautiful, but confusing. I stopped thinking and just let my heart decide. I thought Craig and I had finally decided that we would just casually date...but, before I knew it, I was hooked!

September 1, 2012
As he held me in his arms, he whispered he loved me.
I would say those words to him the next time he said them :)

We continued to date in the months to come. October was rocky as the new mission age was announced. Since a very young age, I had always wanted to serve. I knew that I loved Craig, but I still was being offered two good choices. Craig supported me throughout my confusion and never ever told me what he wanted me to do. I prayed, I read, and waited for an answer. Then one night, while I sat with Craig, he shared a quote from Preach My Gospel. It says something about how the most important missionary work you will ever do in life, is the work you do in your own home, with your own family. I was overcome with a calm, peaceful, and joyful feeling. Right then, I knew Craig would be my husband. I knew that we would have the chance to raise our own children and lead them back to the Lord.

Jump forward...

March 13, 2013
Spring Break. For weeks Craig had told me that he would be going up to Logan to finish up some Pharmacy Tech stuff and would be back later that night. The night before he left, he told me that he had set up something fun for me to do while he was gone. I dismissed that thought and planned to go wedding dress shopping with my sister, Chelsea.
After Chels and I finished our lunch, she slid an envelope across the table. With a very confused look on my face, I opened it and read the note. The 'clue' led me to my brother's house. When I arrived there, I sort of figured out that Craig had set up a little something fun for me to do while he was gone. After following many clues, eating ice cream and gumballs, making a build-a-bear, and driving around town, the clues led me to Draper Temple. While driving up there, I was a little confused. I knew that Craig was up in Logan and had been texting/talking on the phone that day.
As I was dropped off at the front of Draper Temple, I spotted Craig. My heart started pounding. Craig hugged me and handed me a bouquet of flowers. He then got down on his knee and asked me to be his forever.

June 12, 2013
We were sealed for time and all eternity in the Draper Utah Temple with many loved ones by our sides. Our day was filled with so much love and excitement. There is nothing I would ever change.

I am comforted to know that my love will always be by my side, through every up and down. I know life will hold hardships, but there will be more happiness and blessings than I could ever comprehend. I do not know if I could do it without him by my side each day. I love to wake up to his smiling face each morning. He doesn't ever stop pulling me closer, telling me he loves me, or making me laugh :) Thank you for each day, honey.

Our stories will continue on the pages of this blog. Can't wait for everything our futures hold.


  1. I have a missionary out, who has been out for about a year now, and i'm a convert for about a year now, i want to serve a mission, but my parents are VERY against it. I've prayed for the last year about it, and i just got my answer, through your blog post. The whole quote about missionary work in your own home hit my heart deeply. Thank you for sharing. You're such a wonderful light, i would love to be friends.

    1. This just made my fathers day even better :) That is one of my hopes through blogging! I want to be able to serve and help others through the little things I have been through or things that are on my mind. Thank you for your sweet comments Cheyenne :)

  2. I loved your love story!! I was about to turn nineteen when we got married with my love.. Time flies..we've been married for over three years now! Thank you for your beautiful blog <3

    1. Oh thank you so much for your cute comments! Marriage is good :)


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