1// Plant and grow something...flower, garden...

2// Go to a drive-inn movie- re-live our first date

3// Go on our first camping trip together

4// Drink Slurpees on a picnic blanket

5// Take our first airplane trip together (August 10, 2014- Flight to Sacramento)

6// Go star gazing where we can actually see stars

7// Design and start my own blog! (June 3, 2014- First Post!)

8// Shadow a Dental Hygienist (CAREER CHANGE!)

9// Take a nap with Craig in our hammock

10// Spend an entire day with just my sweet Marmee

11// Spend a day cooking and then deliver yummy treats to people

12// Read BOOKS!
- The Fault In Our Stars (July 12, 2014)
- Divergent Series (1/3 done!)- GOT BORED...
- The Giver

13// Watch Movies!
- Sliding Doors
- Revolutionary Road
- Labor Day
- About Time-clean flix!
- The Love Letter
- Forces of Nature
- Catch Me If You Can
- I Love You, Man
- The Aviator (June 12, 2015- Didn't even like it...or finish it :/)

14// Have Craiger get into Dental School

15// Have Celeste get into a Dental Hygiene Program (CAREER CHANGE)

16// Hot Air Balloon Ride


18// Pay for someones food behind us in a drive up

19// Become an awesome mom/dad...(Do I ever get to check this off??)

20// Have a bonfire on a beach

21// Run at least a half marathon before I die

22// Go bowling together- because we NEVER have! (August 2, 2014)

23// Take a trip to New York City- even though I have been there three times, I think the best time ever would be with the honey by my side :)

24// Ride on a cute sailboat!

25// Ride an Elephant in a foreign place

26// Be brave enough to call into a radio station and WIN SOMETHING!

27// Go Whale Watching in Alaska

28// Go on a Humanitarian trip with my honey- no makeup, tropical life, and serving others!!


30// Camp on the beach

31//Ride a Camel!!

32// Have a monkey sit on my shoulder and become best buds!

33// Try and surf...

34// Move out of Utah and live a life that I be very proud of later on :)

35// Set foot on and enjoy the culture of every continent!!- NOT ANTARCTICA...for those who know me- I am not a cold kind of person...

36// See the Northern Lights- and of course have a romantic kiss under um' :)

37// Buy our first car together- hopefully it will be like a cute Mom car or something!

38// Go on a cruise with Craigers

39// Start a whole new tradition with my honey

40// Swim with Dolphins!

41// Re-read the entire Book of Mormon

42// Get a couples message!

43// Visit all the temples in Utah

44// Go on a girls trip :)

45// Plan an epic party :)

46// Do a week without sugar...will this really ever happen?

47// Go Kayaking!

48// Do a week long cleanse

49// Write a happy note for someone for each day of the year '365 days of happiness' 


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