+born and raised in Pleasant Grove, Utah
+best big brother to his 4 siblings
+obsessed with anything PG or Utah State
+country boy at heart
+wrestling is in his blood
+served an LDS Mission in Tampico, Mexico
+shower singer- disney, hymns, les mis...you name it!
+can use a Dr. Pepper and some Takis anytime of the day
+hates taking pictures!
+loves to cuddle his wife  
+stomach-sleeper AND big time sleep walker (ask me for some good stories!)
+handyman and hardworker
+can re-watch every episode of The Office, Parks and Rec, and Psych
+loves kids more than adults
+hates shopping of any sort- but is a good sport!
+current lover of Futsol, NCIS, and his cute wife!
+UVU Pre-Dental Student- Applied for Dental School Summer of 2015 and waiting to hear back on acceptance!
+daddy to Paisley

+born and raised in Sandy, Utah
+spoiled caboose of her family of 5 kids
+5'3'' shortie
+has achieved many of her dreams through dance-which started at age 9
+P.M.R.-professional marshmallow roaster
+country + bluegrass, but grew up listening to Nat King Cole, Norah Jones, etc.
+thinks breakfast for dinner is always a good idea
+hospitals/care centers = crying...lots of it...
+married when 18, yes...18!
+loves to laugh
+picture taker
+lover of Dirty Diet Coke
+MAJOR over-thinker
+sucker for any kind of sweet treat and fresh fruit
+thinks being barefoot is always better
+thinks her nieces and nephews are pretty dang cute
+mamma to Paisley
+loves her husband more and more every day!

+currently living in Pleasant Grove in the cutest neighborhood- dreamy!
+French Fry Friday is a new holiday...each week...
+she dances, we sing
+netflix dates are a regular event
+always daydreaming of what our future holds
+neither of us ever forgets to kiss the other goodbye in the morning
+enjoy watching baseball and playing catch
+current lovers of Friends
+want to serve a mission together when we get old
+love making yummy dinners when Craig gets home at 9:00 each night
+believe that having thumb wars is one of the best ways to stay entertained
+we are expecting our first little baby girl in September 2015 and couldn't be more thrilled about it!


  1. Ok, your blog is adorable! :) Gorgeous couple - I can't wait to read!

    1. aw! Thank you so much Morgan! I love reading your blog :)

  2. okay this is honestly too weird and coincidental! my husband and I live in PG, he graduated from there. we love netflix and watch it every single night! I danced since I was 3, and grew up in draper then moved to orem when I was 12. i'm obsessed with pictures and documenting everything! I love a dirty dr pepper and go to swig like every single day. my husband is the weirdest sleeper ever! i'm a wanna be/trying very hard to be a momma but have a two year old niece that keeps me sane and is the love of my life. my husband and I talk about serving a mission together all the time! my husband is 5'11 and he hates, hates taking pictures but does it for me anyway. seriously this is too crazy! it's like we have the same life! so fun!! :)

    1. AH Jamie!! Where do you guys live!! Seriously! Text me! We love to meet new friends! (801) 455-9902 :) This is too funny :) Sounds like we have a lot to talk about :) ha!


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