Tuesday, June 3, 2014

This past weekend, we had stake conference. I have been slacking lately and have really been wanting to recommit myself! When I say recommit- I mean recommit to my personal scripture study and prayers, being a better wife, aunt, daughter, and sister, and especially recommit to my church callings. Stake conference was just perfectly suited for me.
Elder Corbridge (quorum of the seventy) talked a lot about "Every Member A Missionary"- and he said that even though we are not out 'serving missions,' each of us have to be committed. I took this into my own life and figure, I am not on a mission, but I have my own missions I need to commit to. That is exactly what I had been needing to hear. 
Conference continued and I heard something else I liked. "Where you look is where you are going to go." I feel like it is sometimes hard to not get caught up in wanting what everyone else has, or simply wanting what you lack. I am a worrier. I worry about my weight, having a cute house, not having enough time to do every thing I would like to, etc. But, why am I letting myself get distracted with these things? If I just focus in on the gospel and look towards my Savior, everything will fall into the right place. My sister-in-law said it best on our walk yesterday- God has a plan for us. I need to remember that and put things into His hands. 
Our stake presidency was just changed. It went from our cute neighbors on our left to our amazing neighbors on the right! (they have to keep an eye on me or something! ha!) Our new stake president shared that before he walked into the conference the old stake president said to the new, "We serve. That is what we do. We serve." I loved this. We are here to be tools in the Lord's hands. I can't imagine the load that a stake president has to carry, but I know it is a big one. Each of us has our own loads and we are all different. But, if we serve and focus on others, those loads will be lifted. 
Last night as Craig and I did our scripture study, I read a conference talk by Elder Nelson, "Let Your Faith Show." I knew once I read it, that God has a hand in my life. He knows that I am striving to do better. The quote that I came across was, "...daily commitment will provide divine guidance." And there you have it- straight from that guy :) 
June! Here is to trying harder and being better!

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