Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bridal Shower

One day my mom called me and told me that my brother, Ryan, was in love :)
I couldn't believe it at first...
My handsome brother (who is full of spunk, good laughs, and many talents) is a little on the older side and we had given up on trying to find a girl good enough for him.
Little did we know that he would, and she would be perfect!
Megan and Ry got engaged and the wedding was on the near horizon.
The only way to celebrate this amazing gal was of course...a bridal shower!
 You can bet that there were many smiles at this get together...and even some tears of joy :)

 We had delisious soups, breads, and drinks before we sliced into these bad boys.
For anyone that knows me, I am a MAJOR sweets head...

 ...and I had to include some pictures of my sisters beautiful home. 
Gosh- If i had the talents that she does to decorate, I would be on cloud nine


 My sisters and mom threw together the most absolutely perfect shower.
I wish I could have helped more, but school was a little crazy this last semester (as i am sure you have already heard me complain about)
I mean really...Carmel Apples for a to go gift?

 This picture is SO good for so many reasons :)

 As you can see, Meg is full of the exact same qualities that my brother posesses. 
He really couldn't have found a better match.

 Me, my sweet mamma, my older sister-Nicole, my next older sister-Chelsea, Megs, Meg's mom, and my sister-in-law- Janae.

 New sisters are about as good as they come :)
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