Tuesday, April 28, 2015

20 WEEKS: Girl or Boy?!

baby young bump date!
how far along:
  20 WEEKS!!!!

baby is the size of a...
 Weight: 10.58 oz.
(she actually weighed about 13.02)
Length: 10.08 in.
(crown to heel)

My world has been full of girly things since and I don't think I will ever get sick of it <3

maternity clothes?
Craig got off work early last week and decided that we needed to do a little shopping at the outlets. Of course, I will never complain about a trip to the store (especially when it is my honey's idea). We made a little stop at Motherhood Maternity and bought a cute pair of light blue pants and two stretch tops. Let me just tell you that it seriously made my week. I didn't realize how much I was missing out in the pants department and...not having to tug on my shirt all day? That was quite the bonus also. 

We have a trip planned to Hawaii this summer so I also splurged and bought three suits online this week. We will see how I feel once I get them...we might be making some returns :/
Craiger made me order a preggy pillow...finally. I have been struggling with a lot of lower back pain and have heard that these pillows can help with that. 
Craig spent an hour or so researching these pillows online. He gets into this type of stuff, which is actually really adorable :) 
Best part of that night was when he turned to me and said, "Well, it really just comes down to you either wanting the SLEEPER KEEPER or the SNOOGLE..." Of course his face was dead serious when he said this :) I love that funny boy of mine!!

Our little girl is a twirler :) 
I constantly get to feel her move around and it really is the most rewarding part about pregnancy. 
Craig got to feel her kick again the other night which is always a highlight of the week!
We we cuddling the other night on the couch and it kept feeling like she was trying to kick him to get some more room. HA! We were both laughing because we secretly know that she is going to be our little princess and get dad to move anytime :)

best moment of the week:
We got to see our sweet little peach again and she is doing absolutely perfect!
It was so fun to be able to see her moving around on the screen. She has an adorable little nose and well, I guess I just think everything is cute about her. 
Especially her little bum :)  

Oh! And we have chosen a name...that was one of the things I was most worried about too!
Week 4-18 Craig and I argued as to what boy name we were going to use...we couldn't quite agree on one...but had never even thought about girl names. So when we found out were were having a girl, we talked that night and it was decided!!
worst moment of the week:
Well, what is new? Just emotional as usual!
I came home from a day at work and was snuggled up on the couch watching Heros when I got a million loud knocks on my door. 
My nieces and nephews decided that showing me a Centipede (my biggest fear) would be the ultimate funny joke to play on their aunt. 
Well, I am sorry, but it just AINT!
After trying not to lose my cool and nearly having the stupid creppy thing land on me...I let um have it. Let's just say there was a raised voice and some finger shaking and door slamming.

After cooling down, I went back into my kitchen where my door is and see a note tapped to the door.
After decoding it, the message pretty much said, "We are really sorry for scaring you making you mad. We just wanted to play with you. Love Avery, Taylor, Gauge, and Mason."

Ok, well, after nearly bawling my eyes out, I got four Reece's Cups and a bag full of Easter Jelly Beans and headed upstairs to apologize too :(

Gosh they can be such buggers, but it was honestly a good lesson for me. 

I realized that I may not be the aunt of the year and I most definitely won't ever be the mom of the year, but each day I will get up with determination to be a better one than the day before.

miss anything?
Ice Cream. 
Sleeping positions other than on my stupid side!
My normal shirts- they are now starting to be belly shirts.

food cravings:
 On Wednesday night I was craving a treat, but couldn't think of what sounded good. 
All of a sudden a Dirty Diet Coke came to mind. I seriously fought myself for a long while before grabbing a cold Diet Coke, Coconut Syrup, Lime Syrup, and Heavy Whipping Cream...but I decided it was worth it. 
I drank that thing up in no time flat. 
I am not a huge soda drinker, but I know for a fact I have never drank one that fast before.
I felt a little guilty after because I hadn't had caffeine my whole pregnancy, but I decided it wouldn't kill us.  
 Other than the D.D.C....
Cinnamon Rolls..
Turkey Burgers (we have had those three times in the last week...thanks for not complaining honey <3)
French Fries...Fry Sauce...
All the really healthy stuff pretty much...
anything make you queasy?
Cafe Rio :(
I threw up a Cafe Rio salad once during my 1st Trimester and ever since have never really wanted one. 
I decided just to give it a go, and it was a no no. 
I felt sick the rest of the day.

That won't be happening again for another 4+ months!

am I showing:
Oh yes.

weight gain:
I have been trying to do a little bit of tracking on my own, but my scale at home is a little different than what is on the docs. 
I asked the nurse this time when I was weighed and she said I have gained 7 pounds. 
I was 'ok' with that number. 
Obviously I realize that I will be gaining weight for this sweet baby, but I also don't want to blow up.
I am going to try harder to start exercising after school is over and, well, I can always eat better :)

belly button: 
In! But, still looking different...

happy or moody?
Feeling pretty happy these days :)

looking forward to:
Feeling and seeing baby girl move more!
But, pretty much the same things as last time...
School being over for the Spring...then onto 2nd block of Summer!
Buying more things for the nursery and baby!
Vacations in the summer...gosh those could come a little faster please!
Quitting my job in August...couldn't be more excited about that right now.
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