Monday, August 3, 2015

33 Weeks

So- although I am actually 34 weeks right now, I just got around to posting pictures from 33 weeks!

Gosh, I seriously can't believe that I will be 35 weeks along on Thursday. It is seriously the most exciting thing ever.
I wish I could say that we are completely prepared for her to come, but we still have to plenty to do before she arrives. Busy weeks ahead folks...

So without further adieu!
baby young bump date!
how far along:
  33 weeks
(in these pictures)

baby is the size of a...
 Weight: 4.5-5 lbs.
Length: 17 in.
(crown to heel) 
We were in Hawaii when I was 33 weeks along- so of course we had to get a pineapple to make it perfect :)
Sweet, sweet baby girl!
maternity clothes?
You bet your sweet bippy!

Goodness. Between the 3 pee trips at night, I am very tossy turny. 
I just have such a hard time getting comfy at night anymore. 
I have taken a sleeping pill the last two nights because it was getting so hard.
Those worked wonders, but I also was more tired in the beginning of the morning because it was still in the system. 
Grrrr. I will most likely not be sleeping the rest of my life :) ha

Oh sweet heavens yes!! 
Her movements are no longer quick and jolty, but they are usually long slow movements. I still get some nice kicks to the ribs- but other than that she is a slow little mover in there!- must be gettin a little crowded- at least I feel like it is. Goodness
best moment of the week:
  Going to Hawaii was magic. 
I could do it again and again! Although it was very hot and humid- the days that we just relaxed on the beach were fantastic. 
I would be a very good coast girl :)

worst moment of the week: 
The hardest and worst part of this week were traveling in the airplane. 
Those things get real cramped when you are prego. 
Also, my ankles. 
CANKLES. I have never seen anything like it in my life.
Do not do airplanes when you are in your 3rd trimester if you want to have a high self esteem. It is disgusting. 
Pictures to come :)
miss anything?
Sleeping, slouching, sitting and not hurting, and BEING FLEXIBLE.
But, she is going to be worth it and I just need to remind myself of that on some days.
food cravings:
Fruit and Veggies! 
More fruit, but ah- loving fruit right now!
anything make you queasy?
Nope :)

am I showing:

weight gain:
Last appointment I had was 22. 
He said I would gain about 30 total. 
I am ok with that. 
I just really don't want to go above 35...please??
belly button:  
It makes me giggle :)
happy or moody?

looking forward to:
Meeting our sweet baby girl :)
Finishing the nursery!
My last two baby showers!
Spending the last 3 weeks before school starts with the man of my dreams!
My sister having her twin daughters on Sunday and being able to hold and snuggle them till I get my own :)

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