Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cabin Time

A few weeks ago, Craig and I had the chance to go to his families cabin in Payson.

Before we headed to the actual cabin, we stopped at Payson Lakes to do some fishing :)
I really don't know much about fishing and have only been a couple times when I was younger, but I actually think it is pretty dang fun!
I get too excited every time I feel a tug!...and am always convinced that it is a fish. 
Craig gets quite the kick out of me.

Craig spent most of his time getting mine and his poles ready...sorry hun :) ha!

Out of focus- but I still think he is dang cute.

While we were fishing and observing the wildlife- we saw a bald eagle!
It scooped up a fish and then perched itself in the tree above us to eat the fish.
Look carefully and he is there :)

Love him- and I am so glad he loves me when I am big and have no makeup on!!

  After fishing and a little cabin relaxing, we hiked up the Grotto to this little waterfall. 
It is so pretty up there, but I am not going to lie...hiking when you are pregnant is pretty hard. ha!
I look so BIG in these pictures! gosh...ha

After snacks, lunch, treats, naps, games, and dinner- you could say it was a good day off :)
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