Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hawaii Day 1

Day 1 in Hawaii started out...interesting :)

Our beach house did not have AC, so that night first night, we didn't sleep too well. 
My pregnant body was trying to adjust to the new temps and humidity and maybe by day 5 it had gotten it down. 
But gosh that first night was hot.

Craig woke up at 5 am and opened our bedroom door to the most beautiful sunrise we have ever seen.
He called to me to come see it and as I ran out of bed, I was a little droggy still. I opened the patio door to the beach and went to walk out to the grass...when to my surprise, a step down popped out of nowhere! 
I felt like I stubbed my toe and was just laughing because I was still so tired!
I told Craig my toe hurt and went to grab it to see why and all my hand could feel was something hanging off and lots of warm liquid....

I told Craig that I thought my toenail came off and he ran over to look.

All he said was, "UM! Ya! Ok, so don't look at this!! I will clean it up!!"

Well, of course I wasn't going to look because I knew I would have a little panic attack...ha...
So, we headed into the bathroom where Craig played doctor to my toe. 
Thank heaven I had packed a bandaid because it was a bloody mess- so he said. 

Somehow my toenail had been completely uprooted and had ripped off from bottom to top. 
My body was in a little bit of shock I think because I was just shaking really bad, but the pain kicked in- let me tell ya. 
Craig just kept saying how proud he was of me for not crying! haha
I was proud too :) 

After a few hours, this is what the lovely toe looked like.

Yes, it hurt. So much for that pedicure, right?!
So after getting all doctored up, we were able to go outside and do some exploring before everyone woke up.
Craig, as you will see from this trip, is a curious guy :)
He had to go out and look for crabs and fishies and such.
I observed from the stairs :)
Morning face...but oh so happy to be in Hawaii!
Magic right??
I am sorry, these sunrises were unreal.

Our little grassy beach lookout
Waiting for the boys to get ready...
We had to do a little picture on Thursday morning, because!
Our baby was the size of a pineapple!
Cheesin' it up while we can :)
Our beach house was almost right across the street from the PCC, so we had a quick little drive over.
Although it was a freakin scorcher that day, we had a blast at the PCC.
We loved getting to visit all of the villages and watch all the different shows.
This was one of our two favorites.
Loved Samoa!
Maybe one day we can actually go there!
There was A LOT of dancing and even some singing done at each of the performances.
Little boat ride
After some refreshing snow cones, we sat in the shade and waited for the dancing/boat show to begin.

(Tonga also had a HILARIOUS show)

At the luau that night, we snapped a picture with on of our favorite guys from the Tongan village...It was interesting touching a sweaty man...haha!
After the Luau, we walked around some of the fun shops around.
The boys were having some fun, so we joined in to!
  Silly guys :)
  Long, sweaty, and hot first day- but it was still a blast :)
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