Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Family Is the Best

We loved having my nieces and nephews meet Paisley :)
It really has been funny to see the smaller one's reactions as they realize that the baby is no longer in my belly...good stuff :)
 I am pretty sure after Bailey got over being a little shy, she loved this little baby. 
Every single day she wants to come see the "cute baby" (said in a very high pitched voice) and when we have to leave, she does some serious crying!
 Ayden has his own two baby sisters right now, but he was still so cute when he asked if he could hold Paisley :)
Such a good big brother!
 My sweet nephew Cael was so excited to come see our little baby. 
He came to the hospital with his dad, Shaun, and he told us all of these fun facts that he knew about babies.
Little did he know, he would soon learn that he would become a big brother in the next year :)
This was the post that my sister put on Instagram and everything she said was spot on.
My chunky baby with the cutest eyelashes ever :)
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