Sunday, December 27, 2015

Baker Lady

I have recently had this obsession with wanting to become a cake lady :)
The kind that makes these incredible cakes for her kids birthdays and who the other moms hire to make their own kids birthday cakes!
I want to be seen in my kitchen with flour on the counters and a frosting squeezer thing in my hands...oh and a cute apron :) 

So, I started to do some research, went to the store...and decided I would give it a go!

Well, the first cake was a (little) success!
It was very tasty, pretty, and I had a FUN (and stressful) time making it :) 
 There was no time for pictures before the party, so car pics will have to do!
But, let it be known!!
One day I will be very famous (even if it is just with my husband :))
(2 Layer- 6" cake. Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese filling and frosting w/ chopped pecans sprinkled on the top!)
 photo Signature3.png


  1. haha! I DO THIS SAME THING! i can make my cakes look really pretty but they never taste that great. yours sounds sooo yummy.

  2. Does everyone do this? I feel like I am new to this new obsession thing...I have just been too busy to care about anything else! But, it was fun! I can totally give you the recipe if you want it! Way easy.


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