Monday, February 8, 2016

as of late

January was an oddly busy month. School, work, baby, more school, more baby, struggles, growths, new callings, too much netflix, not enough sleep, fights, forgiveness, ya know. 
It was a good January, but I am glad we are moving on. 
Paisley makes life just so much better. I absolutely love her to death, besides her being a lot of work :) 

So here are so pictures of times that I don't want to forget :) 
 Paisley started to teeth (or so we thought) because she wanted everything rubbed on her gums. 
There was one long day that was full of trying every trick in the book to make her feel better...enter Orange Peel :) 
 ...and frozen rags :)

 She is a feisty one :) 
 Cute little bug doing some tummy time!

 One Sunday night, we were playing cards and she was being so funny! 
She wanted to get so close to the cards and was so wide eyed! 
Oh the entertainment we get from this girl...

 This was right before we learned to roll over...full of crying face plant moments :)
 She has started making this face a lot and it is hilarious. 
She shows all of her gums and then makes a screeching noise...seriously hilarious :) 

Thank goodness we have Paisley :) 
I love this bean.
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