Saturday, March 26, 2016

Great Grandma Carol

A couple weeks ago while sitting in church, I realized while Paisley's great grandma was holding her, that this was the only great grandma she would ever get to meet. 
Both of my grandma's passed on (one in January 2004 and the other in January 2015) and then Craig's dad's mom passed away September 13, 2016- the day before Paisley was born. 

Our Great Grandma Carol lives right across our backyard <3
She has really been my best friend at times. We have sat in her kitchen or backyard talking for hours at a time in the past three years, and I will really cherish those moments. 
She is one of the most amazing women I have known. She is such a hard worker and is always up for a challenge. She has quite the beautiful spirit and spunk :)
As Paisley sat on her lap, I snapped a picture because I didn't want to forget that moment. 
I need to do a little photo shoot or something for those two because honestly- I want her to know how much her Great Grandma Carol loved her.

She has so many that love her on the other side of the veil and one day she will be greeted by them with the biggest of hugs!

thank goodness for grandmas :)
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