Saturday, December 3, 2016


I think every mom out there has days that you wish would just end so that bedtime came and you got a minute to just relax, but there are also those days that you kinda wish would never end because your heart is just so full.
Well this day was one of those days :) 
Paisley has a very spicy personality and she defiantly knows what she wants and isn't afraid to tell you. She can be a hard kid, but also one of the very sweetest. 
She is my best snuggle bug and gives mom the best kisses ever :) 
So on this particular day, I chose to remember all of the good things, and non of the bad...and ya know what? The bad just didn't seem to get to me like it usually did. 
I have tried to live each day like this since getting back from Thanksgiving break and it really has helped me so much. 
The school days get long when I see Craig for only an hour, but I really am loving this full time mom gig...and I am pretty sure Paisley likes it just as much as I do :) 

Dear Paisley, 
You are my sweet girl, did you know that? 
I am so grateful for all of the special times that we have had together while dad has been at school these last couple of months. I have grown to love you more than I ever could have known. On days like this, I just about think that my heart might burst. When you are sleeping, I miss those sweet little hugs that you always come up to mommy to give. I miss you following me around to each room of the house as we pick up your various messes. I love hearing you rummage around in the cupboard looking for something fun to play with. You are full of personality right now, even more than you have for your whole first year of life! I can't believe how fast time passes, but I hope to continue cherishing each of our moments together because you will forever be my first sweet baby girl.
Love your mom <3
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