Friday, April 28, 2017

Spring Break '17

Craig's family was able to come down and visit while Craig had a couple of days off from school. 
It was so much fun to have some family in town to keep us busy! 
We will take visitors anytime!!

Loved her aunts and uncles visiting so much!!!

Although the goodbye was hard, we decided early Sunday morning (a few days after our family had left) that we would leave after church for Utah! 
We hurries and packed up and drove all day! We showed up on Craig's mom's doorstep at 1:30 and surprised the crap out of them haha!! 
We spent the next week having a blast with both of our families <3
 On the way up to Utah, we got to stop at my brother's home in Vegas to say hello to my new niece! 
She is so cute and so tiny!

 Paisley is most certainly not used to the cold weather in Utah!

 Cuties <3
Views like this make me want to bottle life up and keep it forever at this moment.

 Sittin on a big girl swing!
Refused to get off for quite a while! ha!
Even got to spend some time with my girl while I was up there :) <3

We absolutely love our life in AZ, but we of course miss all of our loved ones in Utah!
So great to visit <3
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