Monday, May 1, 2017

Valentines Day '17

Craig and I spent Valentines Day together with our little P girl <3
It really was one of the best Valentines Day. We got to take Dad with us to the park and then went home and cooked a great steak dinner. 
It is these easy times that I love most. 
Paisley was so brave and eager to show dad all the things that she loves at the park. She even went down the slide all by herself when he was there! Ha- little show off :) 

Craig and I took a little V-Day date that weekend and it was SO dang much fun <3
We started it at the temple doing sealings. I felt so much love for him while we were in there and it really is the perfect place to be with the ones you love. 

We then headed to dinner at a place downtown called Windsor.
It was such amazing food! and it was so romantic with this guy by my side <3
Love, love love :) 
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