Saturday, June 14, 2014

One Year- Part 2

After Craig's DAT course on Thursday, we headed up to Midway to stay at the Zermott Resort! I had never been up to Midway or Heber before and we got to do quite a bit of exploring. We had an amazing time- I am so glad I found this Groupon :)
 King size bed are the greatest- Am I right???
 Heading out for breakfast
 This was the main activity for the day- we had never been to the Homestead Crater before and had to try it out. For those of you that have not heard of this place before, it is a need to see! The Homestead Crater is in Midway, UT. It is a geothermal spring, hidden within a 55-foot tall hill. Apparently it was formed when melting snow from the mountains seeped into the ground-2 miles below the surface where the earth's interior heated that water. Eventually the water rose and picked up minerals which deposited on the surface. The water is 90-96 degrees year round! We want to go back when there is snow on the outside :)

 This is the view from the top of the beehive-shaped hill. It overlooks the entire valley- absolutely stunning!

 Behind me is the Zermott- gorgeous hotel!
 This is what the Crater looks like inside! It is very warm and sunny inside!

 The couple that took this picture of us were from Sweden! The cute old man kept saying, "You two look like you were just made for each other!" I love meeting nice people!!

 Craig jumped out to dry off and take this picture of me :) We had a blast looking like goof balls in our snorkel gear!
 Before we left, Craig said that we had to go to Dairy Keen and get a shake- of course I had no objections! Since it is summer time- we went with the flavors Pina Colada and Tropical Breeze. Dairy Keen, you did not disappoint :)
After returning home from our getaway, we showered off, took a much needed nap, and went to Craig's cousin's wedding. Chance and Aubrey Jo are such a beautiful couple- wish I could have snapped some pictures of the beautiful reception! 
After returning home- we decided we weren't quite done celebrating our first year together- so we got some movie tickets, bought some DP, popcorn, and sour punch straws :) If anyone is looking for a hilarious chick-flic-go see The Other Women. My stomach hurt after :)
Hope everyone else started out their weekend on a happy note! Happy Saturday to everyone!

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