Thursday, June 26, 2014

Strawberry Days Finale

Strawberry Days is such a perfect time of the year. First off- there is a whole week dedicated to strawberries! Second- many people do not get to see the work behind this week. 
 The whole year is spent preparing for this special week. But, the part that I get to involved in, as part of the community, is the actual week. Wards around PG sign up for times each day during the week to top strawberries. For hours people sit and take off all of tops of the strawberries. Then tubs up berries are taken to all the places they need to go.
 On both Friday and Saturday night- I was able to help Craig's cousins in the food stands. The first night I was part of a group of eleven volunteers who were just in charge of strawberries and cream. This makes me laugh...It takes eleven people to make strawberries and cream?? YOU BETCHA! That night was filled with scooping strawberries into cups and pouring that really healthy cream. I am sure I smelled very tasty by the end of the night!
 On Saturday night, I was in charge of running one of the windows. HOLY COW. It was cray-zee. But, the best part of all of it- was having those two days to just serve for hours! I really have discovered that when I am happiest, it is when I am serving others. It is even better when Craig is by my side. It is strange how that is really when I feel closest to my Savior. 
That night, as my head hit my pillow (glad I made it there and didn't fall asleep in the shower) I remembered that I hadn't read my scriptures that day. Usually I feel this awful feeling of guilt when I have these realizations, and then I fight staying in bed or getting up.
But, for some reason- I felt calm! I feel like my Heavenly Father knew that I had given all that I could that day. 
I started to think about that. Our Heavenly Father does not ever expect perfection, but He does expect us to do our best that day. He wants us to serve His children and make sure that we share our light each and every day. 

That is something pretty special.

 The next morning came fast and Craig and I were out of bed by 7 AM to get the parade on the road (literally :)) HA! 
Kylie Fugal (craig's cousin- whom some of you might recognize from Bella in Berlin's blog)...and I ran around all morning, obeying orders, and helping out as much as we could.
I have to admit. I sometimes forget how hot it gets during the summer! I am always locked in my office during the pretty day time, so I really wasn't prepared for that heat!
 I had to grab a picture of the UVU float! This float reminds me of so many good memories. Two summers ago- I was a part of the UVU Dance Team and had the opportunity to dance in many parades throughout the summer. Even though it was hot, it was a blast! I will always have fond memories of those days.
 This picture was taken as the last float was being sent out. WHOO! Another parade done :)
 That night after my honey and I had started the clean up, we took a minute and headed outside to enjoy the last firework show of Strawberry Days. I loved taking a minute to enjoy it and think back over the night. I love taking snapshots in my head for all of the great memories Craig and I have. 

Life is defiantly not perfect. But, I am grateful for these times of happiness that make all of the stress and work worth it.

Happy Thursday Everyone!

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  1. okay, we went to strawberry days last week & i was so impressed with how good the food service was! all those volunteers were moving at lightning speed. and those strawberries, swooooon.

  2. YAY! I am so glad you had a good experience! It is the best experience helping other people have a good time :)

  3. How fun!! We went to Strawberry Days for the first time last year and LOVED it! I was so sad to miss it this year (but we were at lagoon with Eric's family, so I can't be too sad!) Sounds like you had a GREAT weekend!

    1. We have a blast helping out and enjoying alllll of the summer fun that it comes with :) Yes! Do come next year! They do the rodeo Wed-Sat- and lots of other activities you can check out online. Love it :)


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