Tuesday, June 24, 2014

All Together Now: YEE-HAW!!

This past week was incredibly busy- BUT I loved it!! I think that ever since I finished my sophomore year at UVU, I have been a little bored...
I shouldn't be, because I honestly have plenty to do, but it was fun to feel like I was moving from one thing to the next this past week. Plus, it was all fun stuff- so of course I did not mind.
Craig and I live in Pleasant Grove, and as many may be aware, this past week was Strawberry Days! During Strawberry Days, there are free concerts, a big carnival, Huck Finn Days, four nights of crazy Rodeo...and much, much more! I married into a family who is very involved in Strawberry Days. Both of Craig's cousins run the food stands at the rodeo and my mother-in-law is in charge of putting together and running the entire Strawberry Days Parade on Saturday morning (more on that later).
Wednesday night, I was able to go to the rodeo with mine and Craig's family. It was a blast! 
These are my beautiful sisters, brother-in-law, and cute little niece- Lainey.

Besides Wednesday night being freezing cold with plenty of wind, we were all still able to enjoy our rodeo burgers and of course some Country Time :)
This is my cute sister Nicole with her husband Shaun and son Cael. 
My sweet sister and her hubs are looking to add a new sweet soul to their family-through adoption!
You may know someone that is looking into adoption and may be just the person to help our sweet family. Please click on the link below and learn more about his beautiful family- it would mean the world. 

I can't even start to describe how much my amazing family means to me. They light up my world :)

 We all sorta look like twins. I don't mind :)
This is called Cash Cow! All of the kids can go out and chase the cow that has money all over it! It was so funny to watch this herd of kids chasing the poor little cow.
 And maybe we made some time to Instagram the festivities :)
My nieces and nephews crack me up! Colby and Ayden are in the top frame- Colby Jack was a little upset with Ayden for some reason- but I am sorry...That face is PRICELESS!
 This is Craig's little brother Alex. He just turned 16 and man- we know how to have a good time together!!
 The sunset that night was beyond beautiful! Love the beauty of the earth.
 This is my honey :) Craig was able to get off of work early- SO glad he did :) It is so fun when we can get a night to spend together- they are pretty rare.
We ended the night with some fantastic Strawberry Days fireworks :) I was holding my niece Lainey as the fireworks began. She can be a busy body- so it is so fun when she just lets me hold her. She was so excited about the bright lights and loud booms. She kept pointing up at them and making sure I was watching. At one point she turned around and said, "I really like these!!" She makes me laugh :) It is so fun to experience everything through my nieces and nephews eyes. They are so excited about each new thing they see. They always make sure I am watching when they want to show me a new trick and make sure they keep eye contact with me when they have a new story to tell.

Families really are pretty darn spectacular.

I am pretty lucky to have the greatest one :)
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  1. Such a sweet post! And thanks for sharing the link to our adoption profile! You're the best and we love you a million zillion!!!


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