Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Rollar Costers

Yesterday, while at work, I started craving Cinnamon Rolls oh so very badly. This is not a rare occurrence- but last night, I decided to do something about it! I found a "quick" 1-hour cinnamon roll recipe and decided to give it a try! My mother is the best cinnamon roll maker there ever will be, but her recipe was not something I had time (or patience) to deal with last night. But, the pictures from the quick recipe I found looked very promising. 
I had made the dough and let it rise and everything was looking good! I spread the brown sugar, butter, cinnamon, and more sugar mixture onto the dough. I then rolled it up and let it rise for a little bit longer. 
This is where the story goes down hill. 
But lets take a minute and remanise. 
I have attempted to make cinnamon rolls four times now since being married. Before, when I was in high school, my Marmee and I would make cinnamon rolls on a normal basis! I thought I had the art down! But, I was wrong. Four times, I failed...miserable. I finally (along with my two sisters) went to my mom's house and had a "cinnamon roll making class." They were perfect :) I just want to think that my mother has some magical touch- and ONLY SHE can make good cinnamon rolls.
Back to last night...
I FAILED again. Fifth time is not the charm! As I took the damp towel off of the rising rolls, half of them got stuck to the "damp towel" and unraveled as I pulled it off and the other half looked melted!! Craig thought I was CRAZY as I let the towel fall to the floor along with many alligator tears....
Craig picked me up and tried to understand what I was having a melt down over.
"Honey, five times :("

We cooked them anyways.
And then iced them...with the gross frosting recipe that came with the "quick" (NOT so quick) recipe.
Although, they didn't turn out as bad as I thought...I will not be making these again :)
Back to MOMS! Because- they always know best!

After the cinnamon roll- catastrophe- the honey and I decided we wanted to read an Ensign talk. I told him that I needed to get ready for bed first and then we could. 
When I finally got back to our bedroom, he was asleep of course :)
I woke him up, nicely, and this is our story...
Her: "Honey, wake up! Would you still like to read a talk?"
Him: (sits up quickly with a big smile on his face) "Hi! How are you?!"
Her: "I am good! How are you :)"
Him: "I am tired (still smiling), come cuddle and let's read."
Her: "I love waking you up :)"

It is always like this! He is always very happy when you wake him up :) Unless he has been sleep walking- then he is usually not so nice!

 Yes, he sleeps with a smile on...I know I don't look that happy when I sleep...
 We read a talk by Elder Holland that was given at a CES Fireside in September of 2012. This was actually the first fireside Craig and I went to together. We totally remembered some of the stories Elder Holland referred to, but it was so nice to be able to hear the important message again. The talk is titled "The Call to Be Christlike" and is in the June Ensign. He starts by talking about people from the Bible and Book of Mormon. He talks about the pioneers, that was the first tear jerker. He goes on to share three different stories and then explains how each of these are related.
Simplified message:
1. Never Check Your Religion at the Door. Elder Holland explains that there is never a time or place to "Check it at the door." This is not discipleship.
2. Be Compassionate, but Be Loyal to the Commandments. This was probably one of the most powerful things I have read in a while. For those of you who are LDS and are able to watch conference every six months, you may know that Elder Holland is pretty straight forward...AND I love it :) Here is a quote that I love...
"When we face situations, it can be very challenging and confusing. Young people may ask, "Well, we don't believe we should live or behave in such and such a way, but why do we have to make other people do the same? Don't they have their free agency? Aren't we being self-righteous and judgmental, forcing our beliefs on others, demanding that they act in a certain way?
In those situations you are going to have to explain sensitively why some principles are defended and some sins opposed wherever they are found because the issues and the laws involved are not just social or political but eternal in their consequence. And while not wishing to offend those who believe differently from us, we are even more anxious not to offend God."
How powerful is this? I love the last part especially. Now I will let you ponder :)

3. Use Gospel Values to Benefit Communities and Countries. He states the we, as human beings and members of the church, can't do everything, but we can do something. "And in answer to God's call, the children of Israel are the ones to do it-- not to flee Babylon this time but to attack it."

I want to be able to stand when Jesus Christ comes again and say that I did everything I could to uphold each of the standard that have been set. I served and loved with all of my heart. I want to be able to be the best parent and raise my children in the gospel and make sure that they develop a love for their Heavenly Father. I want to share my testimony and have it grow each time I do.
For the full talk, click here.
I loved being able to have Family Home Evening with my sweet husband. I am so grateful for this full and loving gospel that wraps us up and comforts us when we truly need it. Heavenly Father sent His Son so that we would be able to have eternal life again. This knowledge is what keeps me going each day. Yes, there are ruined cinnamon rolls and bad hair days, but if we focus on what the most important things are, each of us will be happier. 
Thank heavens Craiger is so patient with me. He helps me see the light at the end of the tunnel each and every day. 
Happy Tuesday Everyone!

If you want to learn more about our beliefs, take a chance and click :)


  1. i really love that talk--and i think i'll listen to it with my husband tonight as we're getting ready to go to bed. i am the "faller asleeper" of the two of us, so i totally related with your story. haha! love your blog & i can't wait to read more!

    1. Good idea!! Craig and I have discovered that reading at night is so much better than watching TV...although for some reason- it is hard to make that choice sometimes!
      And thank you so so much! I am really new at this- but ABSOLUTELY loving it :) You are so cute Kayla!

  2. I can't even tell you the amount of times that I have had recipe fails in the 5 years I have been married. I can totally relate to how you felt after the cinnamon rolls. I love that you make such a great effort to have family home evening. It makes me want to be better.

    1. Honestly! I know there are so many more failures to come! And trust me- it is so not always perfect. We just have to keep trying each week, each day in fact! I just had to re-dedicate myself and not go to bed till I know I will be happy with what i did the next morning :)


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