Saturday, July 12, 2014

1 and 1/12th

One year and one month ago…
Two youngin’s said yes.

Yes to late nights- when he tries to sleep while she chats and chats…

Yes to Netflix marathons.

Yes to helping each other each day.

Yes to back rubs.

Yes to going on dates in sweats.

Yes to learning.

Yes to budgeting…:/

Yes to early mornings and cold morning drives to school.

Yes to discovering new things.

Yes to being weird.

 Yes to telling each other things we never thought we would.
Yes to singing in the shower.

Yes to many laughs on a beanbag.

Yes to ear nibbles.

Yes to asking permission.

Yes to misunderstandings that end up with lots of laughs.

Yes to hugs from behind.

Yes to late night dinners.

Yes to playing catch in the sun.

Yes to getting up late due to a nice cuddle sesh.

Yes to trying not to ‘slurp’ cereal – she is trying ok??

Yes to eating fast food on the carpet.

Yes to phone calls while on work breaks.

Yes to redbox dates.

Yes to saying I LOVE YOU!

Yes to being out of your mind silly

Yes to lots and lots of kisses

Yes to forgiving, and letting go

Yes to chasing each other around the yard

Yes to fighting about baby names

Yes to many pictures (maybe more of a no for him…)

Yes to folding laundry

Yes to checking things off the to-do list

Yes to studying to 3 AM

Yes to laughing when he sleep talks and WALKS

Yes to dealing with her hair all over the bathroom

Yes to finding his shoes and socks around…all the time

Yes to scripture reading together

Yes to someone else wiping the tears

Yes to day dreaming of the future

Yes to making decisions together

Yes to the NEW and UNKNOWN

Yes to smiling and some frowning

Yes to popping someone elses zits..TMI?

Yes to hand holding, lots of hand holding

Yes to sometimes needing space
Yes to making messes

Yes to new and funny ideas

Yes to following dreams

Yes to never go it alone

Yes to silly home projects

Yes to saying I’M SORRY

Yes to failed recipes

Yes to falling in love again and again

Yes to having each other.

Yes to one another- for eternity.


I love you Craig.

I can’t wait for more seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months, and YEARS with you by my side.

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  1. awe! this is so cute! and i feel i need to mention the donut pillow was not my creativity haha. it's from a blog called "a beautiful mess" and they have all sorts of amazing diy things.
    the little diary

    1. Oh yes!! I follow that one!! Ha! and thank you Emily :)

  2. i love these posts. marriage is the hardest, most wonderful & perfect thing that i could dream up for this life.

    also, i wanted to thank you for your thoughts on my post about finding myself. it's nice to hear that someone else out there has similar thoughts and struggles. i was very touched. xoxo

    1. Completely agree- it is a constant reminder of how good life can be or sometimes reminds you of all that you have to loose!! You said it perfectly :)
      And honestly- you are so welcome!! I completely agree that it is so nice to know your not alone in those feelings.
      Thanks for you comments Kayla- they always mean so much to me :)

  3. Oh gosh you two are SO cute! These pictures are darling, and I adored your list. Happy belated anniversary :) xo


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