Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I have been slacking...not good folks...not good.
But, there is a good excuse!
Last week, Craig and I spent the whole week with my family up in Bear Lake! 
Honestly, I had no idea what I was mission out on!!- but more on that later :)
Right now, I thought I would post a little photoshoot of Craiger and I :)
I have quite a bad sweet tooth. So each night, it is a must to have some kind of treat after din-din. 
I had been wanting to try this little smoothie recipe so we gave it a go- AND it was awful just so you know :) Once we figured that out- we just turned over to the camera for some entertainment.
  Ok, so before any of you judge because you think we are CRAZY...let me just explain myself :)

In high school, my friends and I would always do 'face dancing'...haha!! You just snap pictures as fast as you can while you move your face as fast as you can- making funny faces of course. 

Craig had never done it, so of course I had to have him try it :)- guess who get a good laugh out of it...!

PDA COMING!- sorry...but not sorry :)

  I will never complain about goofy nights like tonight :)

Oh! and "Come On Eileen"- I heard this song in high school...and haven't stopped loving it since. It has a lot of good memories behind that must be why :) Go Listen to it!! Please!!
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