Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bloody Cupcakes?

Look a little scary?


On Monday, my mom's side of the family (Kofoed's) had a little summer BBQ get together. Because I had work all day, I asked Craig if he would have time to make a quick dessert for the party while he was studying.
One of the reasons I love this boy so much is because of the times he does these kinds of things :)
  These are red velvet cupcakes!- with blood on them!

Ok, not really...
But he decided that it would be a good idea, after he frosted them, that he would add some decorations to them! He took a paint brush and splattered red food dye on them.

He sent this picture to me while I was at work and I just started laughing! I know these had taken him a while to make and I knew that he had to think these were the coolest cupcakes ever :) 
And he did :)
I got a good laugh at the bloody cupcakes and then headed home to get to the party.

By the time I got home he had somehow mixed in the food dye into the frosting on top making it look like pink frosted, red velvet cupcakes!!
I love you Craig and all of the funny things you do :)
Thank you for the good times that I will always remember.
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