Friday, July 25, 2014

Bear Lake: Day 1

I was a first timer to this beautiful place- and wow.

On Saturday, we packed our car full of stuff (golf clubs, bags on bags, food, movies...almost everything we own for pete sakes!) and headed up to beautiful Garden City.

Craig had the opportunity to live in Garden City the summer before I met him. He had told me many times how beautiful it is up there, but I really guess I didn't understand what he meant. 
We went through Logan Canyon so when we got closer to the lake- we were on the top of the mountain and then dropped down towards the lake. 
The view is breathtaking. I have never seen such blue water! 
It was gorgeous.
 After the drive, we found our beautiful cabin, claimed our rooms, got unpacked (somewhat), and just enjoyed the rest of the evening. 
The moon that night was so big! I was starting to think that Bear Lake was just some magical place- but I think we just got lucky to see the moon the night after the "Supermoon."
 I knew I would have lots of free time on the trip, so I took my mom's Nook and read The Fault In Our Stars. 
*I am sorry to say that I did not like it. Maybe it was because everyone had been hypin' about it for so long- but it definitely did not come close to living up to my expectations. Maybe just not my cup of tea :( I will still be seeing the movie though- that is a must!
  This is what the cabin looked like after church- can you say...
Even though all the boys were disappointed that Argentina lost, they had a good time.

I can't ever get enough of these cute kids- so prepare for PICTURE OVERLOAD.
After the game and some great dinner, we played a competitive game of Volleyball.
Oh Kippy :)

Really though.

Do you see that view- it is amazing!!!
If any of you have stayed near the lake before- I am sure you know about the lovely 

On the lawn outside our cabin- they love to poop :) 
So during the game- Ryan (my SINGLE) brother decided he would try and get some of the grass. 

This is called poop flinging with a flip flop :)
Grandpa and Bailey Sue
And...of course here is Nic with a book :)

Sunday was a lazy day- but Monday brought all sorts of fun :) 
I will post more tomorrow!!
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