Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bear Lake: Day 2

The next morning brought a whole lota cuteness! 
Staying up late does wonders for the hair especially ry :)
My brother Ryan works for Maverick as part of their marketing crew. I would not doubt if many of you have seen him at different events around the state of Utah and Idaho. He was up at the Ragnar race a couple weekends ago and had some leftovers to share with the rest of us! 
I am not sure what you call these things- but everything sure had a blast playing with them the rest of the trip :)
(They are those things that the people on Survivor wear!!)
 This is the only picture I got of the many card games we had. As soon as the kids are in bed each night- the adults stay up to play Mormon Rummy. 


After a fun morning, we headed over to the Northern Beach and seriously had a blast!
Taylor spent the greater part of the trip finding millions of little seashells.
I love how she finds so much joy in the little things.
Sue Sue found the sand and water very enjoyable...mostly the sand
(more on that later)
 Because we are awesome siblings- we take any chance we get to do stuff to each other.
When B-Rex's crack made an apperance at the beach- Shaun found the means to put some Goldfish and a straw to fill the space :)
We got your back (more like CRACK) B!
 Honestly one of my favorite pictures from the vacation :) 

I love that smile on that boy. SO MUCH.
 My cute Lainer Bugs (who sometimes refuses to look at the camera)!
She was a fish in that water- hopfully not drinking too much of it. 
She loved playing in the sand- at least that is what we could assume because her hair was caked with it :)
Is that sand around her mouth? 
Why, yes it is!
Good Eats Sue!
Cute lil' Marmee and Sis
...and more sand...
Colby Jo
Nae Bear is a competitive little beast!!
Cookies, Cheetos, you know- the real healthy stuff!
I even found a mermaid on the beach :)
 After the best beach day- I went mountain biking for the first time!
There were some really tough parts- but honestly- totally worth it.
It is so freakin fun to try new things- really addicting!
Picture I took on our way to get some shakes- for the second time that day...
Ok- so thanks to Liv from Willivia, I suggested to my family that we try Zipz before we try any other Raspberry Shake places. If you have been to Bear Lake- you know about the shake corner. Everyone claims to have the "MOST FAMOUS RASPBERRY SHAKES." 
We decided to go for it- and we far from disappointed! 
On our way back from the beach- my dad HAD to stop and get one- so of course- we did too.
Then that night after dinner, we headed back over!

1. The REAL Deal: 
Don't ask for a raspberry shake (unless you don't like my next suggestion.) 
GET: A Vanilla Shake with Raspberries mixed in! It tastes so much better! You don't get any kind of fake raspberry flavoring- just the REAL good stuff.
2. Cap'n Crunch is a must.
This may sound awful to some of you, but I promise you will not be disappointed. 
You can mix it into vanilla, chocolate or even a raspberry shake! 
Really- adds a crunch and is just perfect :)
3. Two Words: DOLE WHIPS. 
Yes, like the kind at Disneyland.
This was the family favorite at Zipz- absolutely refreshing and light.
(pictured above- half eaten)
Even though I tried something new every. single. night. 
(not joking, we went there every night on our vaca)
I still wasn't able to get everything I wanted to try. 
So, please, make me a promise. 
If you are anywhere near Bear Lake- you will stop at ZIPZ. 

Thank you :)

FACT: Gauge is allergic to mosquito bites!!
We just found this out on the trip. Poor kid got bit 3 times the night before and by the end of the next night- he could barley see out of his right eye! 
We kept calling him 'Pirate Gaugerator' during the trip- such a trooper!!
 This was the best way to start out an amazing trip, with the best family ever :)

Love you guys!!
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  1. Such a fun trip! Thanks for documenting it with all of these cute pics! Love you!!!


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