Monday, July 28, 2014

Bear Lake: Day 3

 The next morning- we went to the park with the kids. After a while of running around the playground and playing catch, we headed down the boardwalk to the beach. I love boardwalks :) Don't they just make you smile?! Makes me feel like I am in a movie.
We learned about the Bear Lake Monster (and maybe freaked some of the younger kids out! ha!)
 This little Mama makes me giggle. She kept on getting so distracted as we walked back to the car- picking grass off the side, looking at buggies, and trying not to step on the dead bat...ha! I love trying to see what she is enjoying so much. I love watching her learn and try to say new things and create new ideas.
On our way to the cave!
The wild life was so fun this trip. Not only was there a deer right on the hill by us, but the squirrels and chipmunks would crawl right up to our feet! Pretty fun :)
 We decided to go tour the Minnetonka Cave while we were near by. It was actually super interesting. During the summer, it is still about 40 degrees in the caves! Right as you get to the mouth of the cave- you just feel a freezing cold breeze.
 These are some of the Stalagmites and Stalactites that we saw. The cave used to be open to the public, and many people did not treat it very well. They have tried restoring all that they could, but obviously you were not allowed to touch anything anymore.
 At parts, the stairs in the cave get super steep- but it is so cool!
Poor little Gauger- no more Mosquito bites for this kid!!
 (the flash kinda got me on that first one there :) ha!)
 This is my very cute (SINGLE) bro- so let me know if there any takers :)
 On our way back from the caves- I made my dad stop at The Chocolate Bear so that I could get some chocolate dipped raspberries :) 
Ever since I was little, whenever anyone would ask me what my favorite food was- I always responded with Sticky Buns and Raspberries (and that is still what I answer today!) So when I heard about the chocolate dipped ones- I had to have some. 
Even though I think they were a little over priced- I got a little bag anyways. 
 The rest of the night we just relaxed and played around anyone?
 Both Gauge and Taylor learned how to ride their bikes without training wheels that night! Janae walked out on the balcony to see that Gauge was riding Cael's bike...with only two wheels! 
Smart boy.
Soon, Taylor was doing the same thing.
If you look closely at her face- she was loving it :)
 Cute Laines was trying to push Bailey- it was pretty dang cute!!
 I caught this picture of Craig as he was watching the kids. 
I am so excited to see how he is as a daddy. 
*Nope- not prego!!*
But really, I just know he will be the best...hopefully he can help me out :)

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  1. guuuurl--your hair! #winning

    1. I really don't know about that...sometimes I really hate it. haha! Sometimes it would just be easier without bangs especially- but hey. AT LEAST I have hair :) gotta think about the blessings! hah!


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