Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bear Lake: Day 4

This little piggy got her nails painted in the morning- Rainbow of course :)
 Then we headed to a beach close by for a chill afternoon. I got to read, watch the boys play catch and ball, and watch my sweet nieces and nephews.
 Laines still had her normal diaper on and we all got a good laugh before we changed her into her swim diap. HA- Carlisle BOOTY Call!!
 I am pretty sure he was trying to flex and suck in right here :)
 Some of the clan at the beach that day
 Craig helped the kids make a 'hot tub'
And of course- Bailey is eating MORE sand
 make shift goals for soccer :)
 These two became the best of buds on this trip. I had so much fun chasing them through the water! They just giggled over and over again :)
Oreo Mouth!
 Things got a little more competitive when some soccer kids came along wanting to play a game :)
It was pretty funny to watch all of these young boys woop some of the older guys trash :)
 They wanted to do a photoshoot making goofy faces :)

I didn't object!!
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  1. your swimsuit is to die for--and bear lake is the best!

    1. OH! thank you so much Kayla :) ...and it seriously is...


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