Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bear Lake: Day 5

On our fifth day in Bear Lake, we went biking in the morning.
I really loved biking while we were there. Holy cow- so fun!!
My family didn't want to wear the kids out, so they drove the bikes all down to the bottom and then once we got on the trail, they would let the kids bike.
Craig decided that he wanted to bike down, ride with the fam, and then bike back UP to the cabin. 
I was just fine with that :)
After biking for quite a while, the fam decided they were just going to ride over to a burger joint and then bike back to the cars. Because Craig and I just rode down, we decided that we would just bike back up to the cabin and then hop in the car with my parents and drive down to the restaurant. 
By the time we go to Sweetwater Dr. (the LONG road up to our cabin) my butt HURT. SO. BAD. 
Seriously. HURT.
But, we just pushed through. 
By this time of the day, the heat was just radiating off of the dirt road. 
To make matters a little bit worse, while we were riding with my family, Craig realized that somehow the water bottle had fallen out of his bike holder. HA. 
So- sore tushie, heat burning my skin, and NO WATER. 
But, we made it back to the cabin :) 
I can do hard things!! 
Honestly. I feel like I learned a lot from biking so far.
Sometimes, I really doubt myself. I sometimes tell myself that I am not good enough to do that and I surprised myself this week with pushing through even though this was my first couple times biking. I could have used excuses, but instead, I just pushed through. It makes me feel good to know that I set my mind to something (even though it was little) and was able to complete it- without quitting!!
After we got to the cabin, we drove to the burger place and ate our hearts out (cuz that is what you are supposed to do after you get a great workout in! Duh!)
After showing and getting all cleaned up, some of the fam and I went golfing!!
This is another FIRST!!
Craig hasn't gone for a very long time and so it was kinda like we experienced this first together!

Kippy asked me to take a picture of him while he was modeling- TALENT right? ha

Shaun taught us the ways of golf
No laughing...seriously- had no idea what I was doing...
Craig admitted at the end that I was better than him :) HA!
I didn't lose as many balls as he did- so hey, that must mean something right?
I like trying new things!- especially with him by my side.
When the golfers got home, we enjoyed a fantastic dinner, some Dirty Diet Cokes, and a good game of usual :)
...oh and some buggy killing. 

Betcha I haven't ever told you how amazing my family is :)
Let me say it again then!
I have pretty much the best family ever...!

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  1. I've never played golf and I've never had dirty coke! haha How do you make this drink?

    1. Ok! So the way I do Dirty Diet Cokes is you add lots of fresh limes and a couple tablespoons of coconut syrup. Then if you really want to make it amazing- do a little bit of heavy cream- it makes it so thick and yummy :)


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