Thursday, July 31, 2014

Bear Lake: Day 6

On our last day at the lake, we went shooting in the morning.
It was both Mason's and Avery's first time so it was pretty fun to watch them try things out for the fist time :)
 I love this goofy papa :)
After shootin lots of guns...we ate lunch and headed over to the beach again...for the last time :(

The many faces of the Carlisle Clan
 We LOVE farmers tans...
 These two are the best brothers I could have asked for.
I mean...they are yes I want to rip their throats out sometimes- but all because I love them..ha! Make sense?
 Bailey Sue's first Oreo!
 All the kids wanted to be buried- so of course we let them :)
I think these are some of the cutest kids over.
Where's Cael? ha...
 Lainey thinks that if she puts her fingers on her cheeks- that it counts as a smile. HA! 
such a goof :)
 Poor Taylor was getting sand blown into her eyes- haha!
 Lainey was a little bit sad when Colby tried helping her out and started un-burying her.
 This is the same way I felt too Laines. 
We will be coming for you again Bear Lake!
You have and will continue to be missed- GREATLY. 

Craig and I have already decided this is where we will spend out second anni- so less than a year!

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  1. ok, shooting is the BEST! so fun! and girl, you look good with that gun. :)

    also--thank you for your sweet comment on my post today. seriously, you made my day. also, i am very confident that if we had met in real life, we would have been instant-besties. but i guess we will have to settle for blog besties. you are 100% wonderful. xoxo

  2. This looks like such a fun summer getaway. my husband and I would love to go shoot real guns! we only have bb guns right now haha

    1. You two really should give it a try! and yes...that lake seriously in dreamy :) closest thing we got to an ocean at least!


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