Thursday, July 3, 2014

Warriors Over the Wasatch

One day when I was sitting at work, I came across an ad for the Hill Air Force Base Air Show. I immediately sent the picture to Craig to see if we would be able to go. It just so happened that he was not scheduled for work the day of the air show! We were both pretty stoked since neither of us, or our families, had been to the air show before. 
For those family and friends whom do not know yet, Craig is planning on joining the Military (hopefully Air Force) while he is in Dental School. Yes, this means that after Dental school, we would live on base, wherever they need him, until we have paid back the years we owe to them. 
When Craig first asked me about this idea, I had a minor meltdown...maybe not so minor. I did not know anything about the Military- and honestly have never wanted to marry someone at all interested in that area. I was afraid because I really did not know anything about it. But, I knew what I had seen in the movies and I know I was not a fan...yet. 
Once we talked and he explained all of the concerns I had- I felt a lot better. He since has talked to recruiters from both the Navy and the Army. 
Yes, it is crazy to find out all of this, but we are excited for the adventures ahead
Now off of my Soapbox!
This was the reason that Craig and I, at first, were so excited to go to the air show. We just wanted to have a little taste of what the Air Force was like.
This is my little yellow plane :) IN LOVE! Craig- can I have one!?
These are the Red Bull Air Force Parachute-rs. They are seriously dare devils...
These guys dropped out of the planes, two at a time, and did tricks as they floated down. They had smoke on the back of their shoes and it made some awesome designs in the sky!

  This is a pretty chill smile, but really this guy was freaking out inside. 
All of the planes/jets that we saw did some amazing stunting. They will climb straight up until they stall their planes, and then start falling. As they get closer and closer to the ground, they hurry and pull up at the last moment and ZOOM by. So. Cool.

I just think these open pit airplanes are amazing. They really are so beautiful. 
There were men that flew these in the show. I am just amazed at the courage it takes to get that far. 
This seriously reminds me of the fun war movies that these kinds of planes are in. 
Flyboys for example, one of my favorites!!
Despite all of the noise and excitement, Craig still took time to check the Fifa scores :)

I feel like I should have worn my Aviator glasses :)
Maybe one day my hubs will have this on his uniform. Holy Hannah. 


This picture is awesome for two reasons. The line down the middle is a parachuter...the swirls around it is the trail of a jet. The jet flew circles around the parachuter as he fell...don't tell me that that is not SICK.

We watched everyone put sunscreen on their kids all day, but neither of us remembered to bring any. 
We sat there for about two hours not even noticing the sun rays BURNING our skin. 

That night- it was a different story. ouuuuch../
Craig pointed out this little boy as we were walking out. My heart melted! He sat on his dad's shoulders and was zooming around his toy airplane. 
I am sorry- but really? I had to snap a picture. So dang cute.
  This was one of the many shapes that the pilots made in the sky...great way to end  :)
After the air show, the Mr took me to Tacanos for my birthday lunch. YUM. Let me just say- major food baby
We then went home and took a much needed nap before we headed over to The Man of La Mancha at Hale Center Theater. 
I definitely had a great Pre-Birthday celebration! 
Thanks to that man I love :) 
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  1. Fun! And good for you, going the military route. We were going to do that when my husband was applying to medical schools. I was really worried at first, but after we talked to an army representative about the ins and outs, all my worries were gone. Now that we'll be going to school outside of the country it isn't an option, but props to you guys if you do it! It's an awesome way to not have to worry about those insane med school and dental school debts.

    1. Seriously though! It is a little scary still- but I have only heard good things. Can't wait to actually sit down with a rep! Thanks for the comfort Laura!

  2. are ya kiddin me? this looks like the funnest day! great pictures!!

    1. It was so much fun!- despite the sunburn afterwards :) ha!


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