Monday, July 7, 2014

Papa Joe and Marmee

My cute parents recently just returned from a cruise in Europe! They traveled all over...and I am still just a little bit jealous. They went to Denmark, Sweden, and Germany to name just a few. They returned just in time for my birthday and brought back some fun gifts for everyone :)
My mom and dad bought some licorice in Sweden. I was surprised by how yummy it was- the name LAKRIDS doesn't do it justice...
The grandboys all got a pair of slippers! Even though I can't fit in them, I managed to get at least half of my foot in there, and oh my goodness! Coziest slippers ever....
As you can probably tell, these two boys were pretty thrilled with their present :)
Each of the grandgirls got a little set of Russian nesting dolls.
As soon as Baily Sue got a hold of it...
...she got it in her mouth.
Don't worry Grandma Sue- Nae didn't let her munch on it!
Each of the older boys got a bottle of Lingonberry Jam, but the girls each got a set of Russian Nesting Dolls. They are just so gorgeous!!

  This morning I made a PB&J with Craig's jam- it was mmm.mmm.mmm
I realized while my parents were gone, how much I love being close to family. Even though I do not talk to them every day or even see them each week, it means a lot to know that they are still there. I am excited for all that Craig's and my future holds, but I also realize that it will be a very big change for both of us. Family is pretty darn special.
So, welcome back Mom and Dad!! I love you both so much :)
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  1. that cruise sounds least they brought you gifts so you got a taste of it! :)

    1. Honestly, RIGHT? I used to be their travel buddies when I was younger, but now I get to worry about ($$$) ha! Gifts are always a great taste though :)


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