Tuesday, July 8, 2014

So Long Teenage Years

My birthday honestly was SPECTACULAR :)
It started out with a mysterious package in the mail...
It was from my best friend Ashley who is currently serving in San Jose, CA! 
She has been counting down the days till my birthday in her letters each week. But, honestly- I would have never thought that she would send me a package!! She wrapped up some chocolate candies for me in CA T-shirt, plus a letter :) 
It doesn't get much better. 
I am so blessed to have such an amazing friend- who loves me so much-despite the distance!

The day before my birthday was the day we celebrated with my family :)
Craig made sure that before we left for church- he watched the Mexico game.
Craig has never been a big sports watcher (thank heavens- I am a fan of live events- not some specks on the tv) but, I have experienced a whole new man lately!
I had no idea how much he could get into these things!! In some ways it is pretty funny to watch...
when Mexico losses, he ain't a happy camper.
He was pretty quite on the drive up to my friends homecoming because of the loss.
Mexico- you almost had it! Maybe next time...

After a fun homecoming- we drove up the street to my parents house. 
The whole fam was coming over that night to celebrate with us :)
 This is what the kids are busy doing while the adults chat and chase around the smaller ones :)
 They get pretty creative with these marble race tracks
 After a delicious dinner of Roast Beef and Mashed Potatoes, we celebrated four birthdays and Father's day (Papa was in Europe for Father's Day)





 That there is the most darling Marmee and Papa Joe

 After being inside for most the day, it was time for a little outdoor fun
These kids are pretty hilarious. They were all so excited to dance in the colored smoke and play with their sparklers

 Come on- I know you are all smiling looking at these two :)

 Kipp wanted to make sure he was steady with that flame :) 
HA! I love this picture- cute boys
 Doesn't get any cuter!

 On JUNE 30TH- I TURNED 20!!

It feels good to be out of the teens honestly.
I am sure I will look back when I am 30 and really wish I could have my 19 year old body again or the freedom with no kids, but I fee like did everything I could to love the last year. 
  (Craig made fun of me for the picture on the left- I look a little displeased ha! But- I promise it was honestly the best French Toast ever!!)
 Craiger made me Crunchy French Toast with Raspberries- because those are two of my favorites :)
put candles on them- because he knows that I am reeeediculous and love things like that :) 

Craig and I then headed off to work. After five hours I called it a day. 
SO my sweet Mom took me out for a little birthday lunch to a new restaurant! 
Well- new for us :) 
CUBBY'S- highly recommended!
 After a delish lunch and great conversation- we headed home to watch a chick flic before she had to go to a Singles Ward Family Home Evening activity :)
I love spending time with this sweet lady.
I know I am exactly like her- and I can't help but be grateful.
That night Craig's family took me out for a little birthday celebration to Texas Roadhouse- yes this is also a favorite :) 
Can't get enough of those rolls and honey butter!

 I have so many friends and family who I definitely felt the love from :)
Thanks to all of you.
 This past year has honestly been the most challenging- but in the best ways possible. I was married a year ago. I chose to marry Craig at a young age, but I knew what I wanted early on. I am lucky to have met someone that takes care of me and always lets me know how much I mean to him. 
The last year I have grown in so many ways. I have learned so many lessons. I have had hard time and amazing times. But, I know ALL of those memories will last forever- and for that I am grateful.
Here is to another year full of new hair-do's, new jokes, new messes, new travels, new movies, and of course, new memories!
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  1. Happy 20s!! Ok so first off, your hair looks AMAZING in all of these pictures. You should probably tell us all how you make it look so good and so shiny. Second off, I tried Cubby's for the first time this week too, and it changed my life! The salad is amazing. A little heavy on the lettuce, but man, the steak and the dressing make everything better.

    1. You are too cute Laura :)
      For the hair- honestly- I don't do anything different...:/ I think the thing that makes the very most difference is that I only wash it 2-3 times a week! I have done this ever since my sophomore year in high school and your hair really does get used to it and I think that it just learns how to adapt. Other than that- I just use some Shampoo and Conditioner from Ulta and try not to use hot tools on it everyday...depends though :)
      I think we got the same salad!! Seriously- so good :)

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY cute girl! i'm glad it was so amazing. & i'm going to second that comment above, let us in on your shiny hair secret??

    1. Thank you Kayla!! No secrets- I promise :) haha!! See the comment on Lauras :)

  3. Celeste, I am totally with you! My husband has been watching soccer nonstop, and I never knew he was a sports fan before, haha. You and your husband are so cute, I hope you had a great birthday!



    1. Thank you so much Whitney!! Who knew right?? Sports...pshh


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