Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Made in 'MERICA

The festivities started with a morning hike to Stewart Falls!
And everyone else and their dogs (literally) had the same idea.
It made for a good time :) Everyone on the trail was so happy- which was good when you have kids with you. Don't worry- we bribed them with some Slushies after.
 If you haven't done this hike- please go do it! It really was such a blast! It is four miles total. It offers a lot of beautiful scenery and is mostly shady so it doesn't get too hot. 
The mist from the gorgeous waterfall at the end was just perfect! 
I wish we could have stayed longer at the waterfall, but there were a ton of people there. I want to do it again when there will be less people there. It would be fun to be able to enjoy it and take it all in.
 After a much needed Blue Coconut from Sonic- we all got ready for a little July 4th BBQ.
 My cute sister-in-law and brother hosted a get together for Craig and I, plus my Mom and Dad.
 Chips, pasta salads, and amazing Hamburger. AH- hits the spot. 
(and now I am drooling...)
 This funny gal loves to eat sauteed onions- haha!

 Thanks to Olivia, I had the perfect cake to make for the Fourth!
Recipe found here!
Thanks Liv!!

 and of course there was time for soccer...

 We were all pretty excited for the PG Fireworks. They put on another great show!

 These two brothers love those babies :)
 We are pretty much best friends :)

Glow sticks were a very big hit
My cute p-rants!
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  1. looks like fun! i was going to make that cake too! it's still on my list haha. yours looks good! that hike looks so pretty! adding it to my list!
    the little diary

    1. Yes- please go on the hike!! Seriously- totally worth it :)


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