Thursday, July 10, 2014


July 5th.
One of my favorite days of the summer thus far :)
I woke up that morning- planning on going to the temple. I stopped over at my mother-in-law's to see if she would like to go with me...
I was welcomed with the smell of bacon on the stove and German Pancakes.
Of course I sat down and had some!!
I asked if she would like to go to the temple with me, but she said that they were going to go that night- which meant that Craig would be able to go with me if we went later on (more on that later)
As I finished breakfast- the girls sat down and watched the Parent Trap while the boys went and played FIFA downstairs. 
I forgot how much I LOVE THAT MOVIE! Are there any other Parent Trap lovers out there? 
If so, go watch it. NOW. Please :) 
Best soundtrack ever.
Cutest Lindsey Lohan
(because I don't even know if she is still alive anymore- I will choose to love the cute one from before she went off the deep end...)
Girls Camp w/ pranks of course
English Accents
Cute Grandfathers
Talking on the phone in the closet
Beautiful vineyards
Wedding Dress Photoshoots
and again...
After the great morning- I decided the only other thing to do that afternoon would be to go 
Every day I feel like I am locked in my office at work. It pays, but I miss my life guarding job from high school :) ha!
So I packed up the kids and headed over to the sunny PG Pool.
 You bet your sweet bippy that we enjoyed some candies, churros, Frazils, and snowcones!
Taylor was my buddy for the day :) She is still learning how to be completely on her own in the pool- so we stayed in the shallow end where she splashed around.
After a tiring afternoon (these kids never, never run out of energy!) Taylor and I went for an ice cream treat. 
I promised her that for her birthday, Aunt Lettie would take her out for ice cream- where ever she wanted! She chose Yogurt Bliss (my favorite!!)
I am pretty dang lucky to have these special spirits in my life. 
I think I have gotten a little taste of being a mom (little!)
These amazing kids rely on you- all the time. It can be stressful, tiring, and even annoying at times- sad to say- but I want to be honest. 
BUT, they also can bring the most joy. They teach me things about myself each time I am with them. They remind me how to love and how to be nice to others. They teach me how to rub the dirt off and keep going. They teach me to ALWAYS laugh and smile! Always.
After showering off and cleaning up the house a bit, Craig got home from a long shift and got dressed for an evening at the temple. 
These kinds of nights will always be a favorite.
After that beautiful evening- we ended the night with some fireworks with the neighbors. 
Way magical for some reason!
The magic was maybe ruined a bit when I feared for my husbands life...
Does anyone else's husband feel the need to become a pyro-freak when they come around fireworks?
Looking forward to a few more Saturday's like this one :)
Life doesn't get much better.
Can I get an AMEN??
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  1. amen to the parent trap soundtrack! i LOVE that movie, & just last weekend i started listening to the soundtrack on spotify, nothing beats it! this day sounded like it was bliss, i love those perfect summer days :)


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