Tuesday, August 26, 2014

It's What Fun Is!

For some reason- this is one of my favorite things that my family does each summer :) My dad gets tickets for us all to go to Lagoon for a day as a fam-damily!
We start at 10 and stay as late as we can.
 This picture is a perfect example of why I love Lagoon :) We only go on a couple "big-kid" rides, while the rest of the day is spent going on rides with the kids and watching them on the really kiddie rides. That is my Lainer Bainer- and she is the best :) 
As she has started to grow up, she has become a perfect mix of SASSY and sweet. She always has a funny expression on her little chunky cheeks and I love watching her discover the little things.
 This is some of the fam...and Megan!! Megan is Ryan's girlfriend...wedding soon to come???
We will see :)
All I know is that we all love her!
 The boys and kids had their fair share of stupid rip off games too...hey we got some great stuffed animals to show for it too...ha!
  Towards the end of the day- this is what it started to look like :)
Ssssscrollll for more!
 Ya...you could say that they work :)
 Ryan pooped his pants halfway through the day...

Ok...not really...sure looked like it though!
 (open your eyes craiger!)
Colbs is showing off his prize :)

 Anyone who got to see our show was pretty dang lucky...

Enjoy :)

  Always can get a good laugh in with the sistas

After Lagoon, we stopped for a quick dinner at Chick-Fil-A and then headed to that...

wait for it...


 VERY interesting crowd at the rally...very interesting...I walked away just being beyond grateful that I am a member of the church. And that I don't smoke. And that I don't drink. And that I have some respect...ha just grateful :) 
You could say it was redneck culture shock!!

 Lainey was playing dentist or something...funny bug

 TOO CUTE. Period.
 All in all, I would call this a dream day for me :) I was so tired and worn out- but I wouldn't have wanted this day any other way.
Again...so grateful for FAMILIES and Criager :)
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  1. what a fun family tradition! also you have some adorable nieces/nephews :)

    1. Thank you!! I sure think so! But Kayla! Now you see how much I have to live up to! Hopefully Craig and I can pop out some good lookin babes!


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