Sunday, August 3, 2014

Rainy Days

When I was younger, I hated rain. 
Like, hated.
I hated the smell, I hated how the sun went away, and I especially hated how all of a sudden it seemed like the rain just welcomed all of those nasty crawly worms out!

I have since had a change of heart :)

On our way back from Sam's Club one afternoon- a MONSOON hit our town.
I never usually drive when Craig is with me (I somehow think it is a mans job...ha- but I won't get into that now...) but that day I was driving because he wanted to review some flash cards for the DAT.
Of course- I am terrified as I try and drive on the freeway with this horribly blinding rainstorm. 
While laughing at how funny the situation is I almost hydroplaned! Ya- you could say it followed with many screams.
Once we were safely home- we made many trips running from the door to the car- trying not to slide on our butts!
I was pretty wet by the time that was over and decided what a better way to celebrate that I was still alive from scary driving, than to dance in the rain!

So that is exactly what I did- even though Craiger didn't join in- 
Lameo with a capital L.

Once I was out there- all of my nieces and nephews decided they wanted to join too! 

In a matter of minutes- we had the whole neighborhood on our back porch :)
We were dancing, sliding, and splashing like crazy people- and that is one thing that I am completely ok with :)
 You may have heard me say this before- but I have the best neighbors ever.
This is cute Cassidy and I love her to death. 
Then there is Zack and Zane and Gaby and Mason and Kelsey
and Avery and another Mason and Taylor and Gauge :)
And I love each of them!

Sometime I start thinking about leaving Pleasant Grove for Craig's schooling and it makes me a little sad to think that I won't get to sit and swing in the backyard or see these sweet faces. 
I am excited for what is ahead, but I can't help but think about how much I will miss these little things. 
These random times that I don't ever want to forget. 
But, I guess that is just giving me another reason to live in the moment right?
So, no complaints anymore about rain.
I LOVE the smell.
I love how it makes the air feel all warm and moist.
I love how worms don't seem to appear everywhere anymore...maybe that was just a Sandy thing??
And I love how it brought all of us out of the house to be silly :)
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