Saturday, August 2, 2014


Every other Wednesday, I have the opportunity to spend time teaching and spending time with these cute 10-11 year olds. Activity Days has taught me a lot already and I have been in for less than a year! Even though our last activity we only had two girls show up (summer gets in the way of that...) we had so much fun.
We went to Timpanogos Temple to do some service. My other leader printed off some handouts that I had made and we gave the girls a pile and had them put one on each of the cars in the parking lot.
 There was a night last winter when Craig and I were getting in our car to leave the temple and saw something under our windshield wiper. Craig got out of the car and saw a note that looked similar to this. "Because of your service tonight, we hope you can see your way "home" more clearly!" I still have that note on my fridge. It meant so much to me that someone would take the time to run around in the cold and put these on each of the cars. It is nice to be recognized for the simple service we do. So- I kept that note to help me remember to serve AND also how good it feels to serve!
Cute Malory and Kelcee got pretty tired after racing to see who could complete an entire row of cars first :)
As we finished our last couple rows of cars, a truck pulled up to talk to me. He asked me what we were doing- as I told him- he started shaking his head. He told me that this was not allowed and that I would need to go pick them all up...


To keep this story short, my other leader and I were pretty upset. We are not sure who this gentleman was, but I was a little bit hurt by the way I had been treated. 
All this time, we had been having a great time and were loving the feeling of (hopefully) brightening someone else day! This was a little bit of a damper, but we just decided to sit down and talk about the temple to end our activity.

We talked about the sacred temple. We taught them about worthiness, recommends, temple clothing, the special garment that we wear, baptisms for the dead, endowments, inititories, and temple marriages/sealings. It was fun to see them ask questions about such a special place. 
I know that they were feeling the same peaceful feeling that I was as we sat on the lawn.
As we said Amen, my other leader says- "And a lesson on service! Only do service when it is wanted!!!" 

And I guess that is a lesson I learned too. Too bad that man wasn't very happy with us, but I sure hope that we made a least one person smile that day :)
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  1. Aw, bummer about those notes. I thought they were cute and would have loved to see one on my car after coming out of the temple. Those are some seriously gorgeous photos of the temple, by the way!

    1. Honestly right!! And thank you so much! I am new at this picture thing and am def not trying to be all fancy. ha!


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