Friday, September 26, 2014

Gimme A Break

so this is going to be one of those super pointless posts. 
Prepare yourselves.

I really have not taken anytime to blog about life lately. I am just lucky I got our Sacramento trip on here. 
Life has been OH SO BUSY! 
And I know everyone feels that way...but really, I have never been this busy. 
Well, maybe I was in high school, but I wasn't a wife back yes. 
This is busy :)
Trying to work full time, plus coaching drill, going to school (2 WORDS: UVU ANATOMY), and being a wife? 
It is a lot on this little plate of mine. 
But Craig and I are managing some how...
and you want to know the funny thing? 
We are so happy :)
The whole first year of being married- I managed to make a pretty fantastic meal almost every school night. We treat ourselves on the weekend, but honestly! I was a pretty awesome wife! 
The house was cleaned each weekend, laundry done, and homework finished. All with working 40 hours a week still. 
Well, this semester has been a very different story. 
I get up early (5:00 AM) at least 3-4 days a week and help coach Lone Peak's Drill Team.
And ya know what? 
I love it and I have no regrets about doing it. 
Those girls bring me joy that no one else can. 
Dance is in my blood. 
Heck- I only danced in college for a year- but that doesn't mean that it isn't still a huge part of me. 
I am so grateful for dance, drill, and those sweet coaches and girls that bring me so much happiness. 
Then there is school.
 I have to remind myself that there will (eventually) be an end result.
 School has nearly killed me these past couple of weeks. 
We are talking like 30+ hours a week of studying. 
It is a joke.
Then there is work. 
All I will say is that I am so grateful for the people I work with.
I am grateful that I can take time off if I need to. 
I am grateful that I am needed.
Just Grateful.
Then there is Craig.
Not one complaint has escaped his mouth. 
He is completely O.K. with having CRAP for dinner. 
He has been so helpful.
He has been so understanding of me for having to stay at school till 12 AM.
I love that boy :)
So, sorry for the randomness- more to share later :)
But I had to get it down somewhere right?! 
Is anyone else on the same page as me?
As my Marmee says, "There are times and seasons for things."
Thanks for the wisdom mom. It is keeping me sane. 
As if things weren't bad already-  I got super sick on the 16th. 
I started to feel WAY better by last weekend, but then this Tuesday it came back 2 times worse. 

Achy body, fever and chills, stuffy/runny nose, sore throat, bad-BAD cough. 
Seriously- Craig can't sleep with me at night because I just keep coughing. 

After 100 cough drops, cough syrup, and a ton of DayQuil- I think I am starting (STARTING) to get rid of this nasty thing. 

Anyone have any helpful hints on how to get rid of it??
I can use any kind of relief right now. 
Bloggers unite :) 
and thanks for reading this stupid and generic post :)

Much Love!!

 P.S. I like this picture because this is totally Craiger and I :)
We had not prepared for anything before our wedding...I mean, we didn't even talk about the dance (because Craig hates dancing- so he just accepted the fact that we were dancing and that is all he would communicate :)), we didn't talk about the garter, the cake cutting...etc. 
So when it came to this part of the night- I reverted back to memories I had stored of all of the brides I saw growing up and how it was done :)
When we finally got it cut, we looked at each other and there was nothing! 
No look of "I am totally going to get you" or "Let's be nice about this..."
We both were thinking the same thing- "I don't want cake all over me, but I totally want to SHMEER you with it :)" 
So that is exactly what happened :) And of course- he let me get him WAY worse than he got me :)

Good memories are sometimes what get you through the rough times :)

P.P.S. I promise I will share all of our wedding photos soon :)
When I am not a crazy busy person...if that ever happens :)

Happy Friday!
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  1. Sorry you've been so busy (i know the feeling, ugh!) and that you got sick ! :( That's never fun, but ont he bright side, you two are ADORABLE. so there's that :)

    1. You are too cute :) I really shouldn't complain because EVERYONE is always busy too ha- but thank you so so much Sienna :) Your blog is adorable!


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