Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I have 2 minutes.
I was looking through pictures of the summer and was think about how I miss having my camera with me all the time and being able to write about things that have been going on, or my opinions, etc. 
Blogging has seriously become something that I love
It is my own space to share Craig's and my little life. 
I have so many thing that I am dying to write about, but I guess you just do what you have time for...and that
is the issue right now.


So this will do for now.
My Craigers and I went on a date….I don’t know how many weeks ago…
It was late one Friday night after he had gotten home from work and after I had gotten home from coaching my drill team at a football game.
We were both pretty tired as usual, but we were set on spending some time with each other and this was a great idea :)

We decided to just order some pizza and take it home and enjoy a movie together.
On our way to get the pizza, I plugged in my Ipod and put it on some lovely TAYLOR SWIFT songs…because honestly, it is really hard for me to get sick of her.
I love listening to all of her albums because it totally reminds me of the giddy and free high school years!! (anyone else??)
Little did I know that Craig has a little love for my girl Taylor!
We seriously cranked the music so high and didn’t get out of the car till we had finished many songs through.
Gosh- he is a cutie

On our way home, we did the exact same thing.
Guys- I am tellin ya.
It is the simple things.

I sometimes get down because we aren’t that couple that has forty different couple friends that we are with, but heck. We have each other.
We have pizza and we even got some Swifty :)

I love my husband and how very simple he is.
But if I go into detail- it will take way to much time…because…


Happy Fall Everyone
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  1. pizza + a movie are the BEST date night. you guys are cuuute. xo


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