Thursday, September 11, 2014

We Do It ALL

By far the best day of our vacation :)

 Here is a little story before we start though!
The night before, Craig had finished his conference and we headed out to dinner with his professor and a bunch of other professors that were interested in his presentation for his research!
I was worried out of my freakin mind. HA! 
All of these little smarty people were going to be asking a bunch of questions...and I knew it. 
WELL, I was a little bit right. 
They would say- "OH! And is this another one of your students Emily?"
And I would just jump in with a, "HA! No, I am just this handsome fella's wife!"
But, we went to this DELICIOUS restaurant and had a lot of fun chatting :)
So...this was our first time drinking!!
Well, not really, but we joke that it was :)
Everyone there was like 30-60 and we were just like- Oh hey...we are 20 somethin. 
Heck, I am not even old enough to drink! 
But everyone got their beers and we got a Dr. Pepper and some yummy fruit drink!
Pretty sure I broke like a drinking law...
I took a sip or two of my drink before we did the "clink click" the glass toast thing!
Ah. I was so embarrassed! 
Craig and I were talking about it later that night and joked about how we just drank with people our parents age :) haha!! 
Too good :)
 We snapped this picture in the morning on our way to pick up our car.
Gotta remember "the first time we went drinking" right??
 Now for the good stuff!!

Oh- and prepare yourself for PICTURE OVERLOAD
 When Craig and I decided that it would be a great idea for him to go to this conference, I immediately said- "WE HAVE TO GO TO SAN FRAN!"
I went to San Fran in high school with my Art History class and had the best trip of my life :)
I had flown in later than everyone because of the UVU Dance Team Tryouts so I missed out on some of the good stuff. I enjoyed everyone minute I had there, but still wanted to take time (sometime) to go back and re-live it again and see all of the things I didn't get time to see before!
 So, we rented a cute little car (more on him later)
and we drove to San Fran!!

 Craig searched the newspaper at our hotel and found the crossword and made it a goal that we would finish it before we got to San Fran. 

Well, we didn't :)
HA! We both got too frustrated and gave up after about 20 guesses on stupid words!
Maybe next time.

 This was my first time seeing the Golden Gate Bridge! 
I seriously was amazed by how beautiful it is!!

 This is about the only picture of houses I got in San Fran- too bad because honestly- THE HOUSES/APARTMENTS/WHATEVER THEY ARE- KILL ME! 
I know it expensive to live there- but it honestly would be a dream.

 First stop was Fisherman's Wharf. I know this is super touristy, but I couldn't pass it up. I L O V E the atmosphere here.

 Oh, BOUDIN. I dream about you. 
Big beautiful Boudin. 
Your sourdough bread bowls and clam chowder warm my soul. 
(I am drooling right now)

 This is what Craigers was most excited for :)
He got so giddy- it was cute :)
The stench was AWFUL, but man- they totally had us laughing :)

 Craig thought I was ridiculous for having to stop and get a crepe right after we had a whole bowl of chowder, but I couldn't pass up this little crepe on Pier 39!



1st Timer right here :)
So freakin busy, but the view was incredible!!

 I think I will have those flowers growing up my house one day too...
Nice idea man :)

 This cute couple with french accents asked us to take their picture- so we did a little swap with them :)
I love meeting nice NEW people!!
 Ok, quick pause :)
This was our rental car for the day!
But, it is rude to call it that- because he has a name!!
I named him FILBERT :)
Couldn't be more perfect. 
We referred to him as Filbert the entire day. 
It made for some great laughs :)
We actually really love him...a lot...and I thought about crying at the end of the day when we dropped him off. 
I am serious. 
You can't tell me he isn't the cutest thing ever!!

Ok- thanks for letting me shpill :)

 Onto the next site! 
Coit Tower...little did we know that you have to pay to go up into it!
So, we decided we were good with staying on the hill :)

 Then back to ground level we went! 
It took us a little while to find parking...let's just say that Craig gets a little tad upset with busy cities...and parking...<3

 We relaxed and took a 20 minute nap in the warm sun. AH. It was so beautiful.
 Do you see what I see??

 MMMM. You betcha!
 This was my last to-do on my eats list :)
Ghirardelli Shake!!
 Craiger got a Strawberry one and I got the Chocolate one...But really I think I ate more of his Strawberry one than I did the Chocolate :)

 I think I would call this a sugar hiiiigh...

 Bye Bye Square...I hope to see you soon...:(
I always thought that was like a movie thing or something...but IT'S NOT!!
Craig thought I was crazy for snapping a picture of him, but guys...THEY ARE REAL!
 One more of Filbert because he is so dang cute :)
 Painted Ladies folks!
(another thing I missed from my first trip to San Fran)
 They are located right beyond this gorgeous park. Everyone just sits and faces them...
I am not going to lie...for some reason I was let down! It is almost like I expected them to do something...but no, they just sit there :)
Obviously I had my little girl moment of giddiness because of Full House, but then it was over :) 
Glad I went though- they are beautiful houses non the less!

 Gosh...I mean I love our mountains in Utah- I really do.
But, I seriously would love to live on the coast...

 The real deal :)

 This is my best friend :)

We got so much done that day.
We had such a blast exploring together :)
Holding hands on the boardwalks.
Running across the cross walks.
Eating our weight in foodies.
People watching together.
Taking naps on the grass.
And jammin' out in Filbert :)
 Bye Filbert. 
Bye San Fran.
Don't worry- I left a little piece of my heart there too :)
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