Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Explorers

It included: 
Sleeping in, eating taffy, going drinking (more on that :)), exploring, praying, WALKING, and goin craaazy :)

 Craig headed to the conference that morning, but we met up soon after to go to this Taffy shop that I wanted to try out :)

 Location: Old Sac
What to buy: TAFFY! Plus, lots of those candies that I never see anymore!
Maybe it was worth the $15 we spent there :)

 Craig seriously wanted to get like 4 of each kind...ha!

 This is before we took a bite...ha! 
It is straight sugar...NO FLAVOR. 
Big disappointment since we got like 7 of these! ha!

After our candy affair, we walked back down to the convention center. 
I had been wanting to go to this beautiful cathedral all week.
So I did :)
In high school, I took an art history class from one of the best teachers I have ever had!
(Mom- you are still the best :)) ha!
It was an AP class so it was a lot of work, but I never once disliked that class. 
We learned about every kind of art and in all different time periods.
So, that means we defiantly learned about Cathedrals.
I think everyone in that class would say that this was one of their favorite parts of this class. 
I knew everything there was to the cathedral. 
The Rose Window, what the three towers meant, what each piece of art work inside symbolized, and I knew what every single structure in the building was called. I could tell you what time period it was built. Get it? I knew everything.
BUT. I forgot it all. 
Even though I love to go inside these beautiful places still, I miss that I can't sit and talk your ear of for an hour telling you all there is to know about the place! 
So, Ms. Hughes- thanks for teaching me...and stupid me for not keeping up with it!

Anyways, sorry for the are some beautiful pictures :)

 I sat and read the scriptures in there- allowed? I don't know :) haha! But, it was so peaceful/quite inside. 
There were many people who would come stop by (I am guessing it was their lunch break or something). But there were other people who would come and shed many tears. I just wanted to go up and give them big hugs...I hate seeing people that are sad.

 The doors don't have any kind of intricate tympanum (ok- I remember that one!), but they were still so gorgeous to me.

 too many selfies that afternoon-- prepare yourselves...
 The street by the convention center is lined with these blue painted trees! I don't know why...but I sure did love it :)

 Craig got out of his conference and we headed over to a tourism spot in Sac. 
Sutter's Fort- what an experience :)
(or sutter's fart as craig called it) HA!
All the these cute houses that we passed were probably the BEST part! 
Seriously, please tell me that these aren't just gorgeous....

 For the miles we walked to get here- it was totally NOT worth it :) 
Craig and I were like- why would this be something on "Best Things to do IN SAC!"
But, by the end of our little self guided tour, we were pretty much loosin it :) ha!

 More pictures? is a cute red brick wall...
I don't pass those kinds of things up.
 Yes, Craiger was with me this whole time, but you know men...they just aren't into cute pictures spots like the girls i right??
 So, all in all- pretty great day in the sac :)
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  1. girl you are ROCKIN that half up bun - it looks so good! and this trip looks like it was so fun - i'm a fan of cathedrals as well :)

    1. OH GOSH. Thanks :) Seriously- best hair style ever!!


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