Tuesday, September 9, 2014


HOLY COW. So, I am going to try and do a little better- but I sure I will have time to write about the craziness later...!
So on to some good stuff-

Craig headed out earlier for his conference...while I did a little sleeping in :)
 I walked from out hotel down to the capital building. It is a little bit of a walk- but we got to know it pretty darn well while being there. All around the capital is where the all of the business men and women are. Little less sketchy there honestly...ha! 
BUT, as you can tell- it is also gorgeous!!
I sat down on one of the many cute benches in the park of the capital, and enjoyed the beautiful weather.
It really is this beautiful building surrounded by these crazy cool trees!!
I kind of felt like I was in a Dr. Seuss book...
Can't forget the park selfies...right?
(My future kids are going to think I was crazy...)

After lunch, Craig and I were able to go take a little tour of the capital. The house representatives were actually in session when we went and we were able to see them do some pretty cool stuff!

I was showing Craig all of these cool trees, and he pointed to one and was like, 
"Celeste! There are oranges!"
Of course he knew that would get me real excited :)
I couldn't believe that I hadn't even noticed that all day! 
I really wanted to climb up and grab one, but I wasn't sure if that was forbidden or something...so Craig made a good call to keep me on two feet on the ground...bummer.
There were a bunch of Redwoods too. I have never been to the Redwood Forest- so I feel like I got a tiny little taste.

After the walk around the park- we headed back to the hotel to take a little rest. 
Craig didn't get a long rest, because he had to get dressed up and get ready for his presentation! 
He has worked so hard on this research and I know he was pretty excited to present this to a bunch of educators. 
I got to sneak in a little before it ended and snap a picture of him :) 
So proud of my nerd <3
So handsome too!!

To celebrate that night- his professor and the two of us went and got some frozen yogurt :) 
After showering and getting all cleaned up, we decided to order some room service- cuz- why not?!

  It was a good night if I do say so myself :)
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  1. you take such beautiful photos!

    1. Oh Gosh...If only I knew what I was doing!!! But, thank you!!! That really means a lot!


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