Saturday, December 27, 2014

Fall Happened...I Know

Yes, I know that everyone had completed their Fall posts...months ago...but remember how this is a little journal too? Ya...we are going to take a step back again and recollect after that crazy fall semester.
I tried putting together this big group date to Comedy Sportz in October, but sadly- almost everyone had plans so we settled for a double date with Craig's brother and his fiance. Good times and many many laughs!
We enjoyed a night at Riverwoods during Halloween with some of our friends :)
It was the perfect weather and just so fun to take a break for school and have time for the people we care about.

Who's in for a group date?! I really need to plan one soon-so let me know who is in!
I have a dang handsome husband...DANG.
While in one of the toy stores, I spied these little books in the corner and I ABOUT DIED!
When I was in elementary school- these were some of my favorite books ever!
My friends and I would always try and find which character we were.
You can imagine it, "No! I am Little Miss Princess" or "I know I am Little Miss Happy!"
Good good times folks.
AND- even one Sunday- we skipped out on doing homework and enjoyed the outside. 
  This kid is always impressing me with his talents. Gotta love a man full of surprises :)
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  1. Omg I know which toy store that is!!! I don't know the name but it's at Riverwoods and it has the best books. My friend and I found it and we literally spent 30 minutes just reading all the books. Did you see the one about the dot? That one was so strange but so funny at the same time!


    1. I know! Like the best! There were so many old ones that I hadn't seen in forever! Made my day :) I didn't see the Dot one- next time!!

  2. Wait those books!!! I love them so much! Ha my family has called my Little Miss Stubborn for years. Ah I need to go find them!

    1. My husband would probably love to get the book for me...haha! We are both pretty stubborn! That is too funny- go get one!


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