Sunday, January 11, 2015

Fall Break: Part 3

The LAST and final day of this fun vaca...
We slept in, yet again.
Enjoyed another yummy breakfast, again...this time I didn't eat as much...hiking was a little hard the day before with all of these cinnamon rolls in ma belly!
And then! We were ready for...
 This was before the hike...
Little did I know that it would be the most gorgeous hike ever...
or how very very COLD that water is...
So we smiled the whole time...but there were almost some lost toes by the end :) ha

 So if the water is up to Craig's thighs, then that means it was like mid-thigh for me!

HA- my really...


 Craiger made lots of friends along the way
 Fattest little thing I have ever seen...haha!!
 Again with the leaves! It was so beaUTAHful.


 So then the boys decided-"It's not that cold!"
They decided just to make it a swimming adventure too!

 Reactions you ask?


 HA- they thought it was pretty awesome :)
 And this was me!
Over there, in the sun, loving my dry clothes :)

Awe, I am just so greatful that I have a camera that allows me to save all of these fun memories. 
Sometimes the moment is just good enough for those eyes there, but others, it allows me to be able to cherish certain things about these photos forever. 
And who wouldn't want to remember that view?
Goodness me, we are blessed.

Memories will last beyond those sandy shoes and wet t-shirts :)

See you next time Zions!
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