Saturday, January 10, 2015

Fall Break: Part 2

Day 2 was even better than Day 1- as you may have imagined.
We got to SLEEP IN. 
And trust me- that is rare. 
When I don't have drill at 6 am, I have class at 7 or sleeping in-
We enjoyed a huge breakfast at the hotel before we got on the shuttle to go to the park. 
I obviously had an idea of what the park would look like, but it was so amazing to start driving through it and seeing all of the beautiful structures. 
It is funny. When you are in a place like that- it is easy to see how small we are in the HUGE world. 
Honestly just really like that perspective.
This is my Mr. Hiker Man...or should I say Lichen man....
Crazy Pants :)

Some of the fam...

And yes- they are nerds :)

I mean honestly?
How would this view ever get old??

Best family picture we got all day...
Let's just say that it is near possible with these boys.

I honestly just can't wait to show my future kids this picture :)!!
I am sorry, but really hun? You asked for it!

The best part about going to Zion's at this time of the year is that the weather is still very very good, AND the leaves are starting to change colors!
Like really? I am sorry- UTAH HAS IT ALL!

This is what happened after the shower :)
So much fun to be able to walk around the fun little town and just explore with this guy
Matching mom and daughter :)
 My brolaw and I are pretty tight- wouldn't have as much fun without him :)
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