Friday, January 9, 2015

Fall Break: Part 1

The best part of going to UVU has to be the fact that we get a Fall Break.
I mean seriously, it is always the best time in the world.
You always say to yourself- Oh Man! I am going to get so much done for fall break!
And then it comes and you are left sitting there dumb founded asking how that time went by so fast...
Well, this last fall break- I wasn't going to try and lie to myself.
I got done with exactly what I thought I would get done with.
Thanks to this great vacation- we were a little rejuvenated for the weeks ahead.
 Craig's family took us down to Zion's National Park because some of us had never been there before!
 This was the gorgeous hotel that we stayed in.
It was on the mouth of the canyon and was SO so gorgeous.
 The weather was absolutely perfect while we were there.

 Our first night there, we explored town, found a yummy ice cream place and just enjoyed having no school to worry about.
 At one store in town, they had tons of funny little quotes everywhere.
These were a few of our favorites ;)

 Stay tuned for more tomorrow!
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    1. AHAHAHA!! JON!! I didn't even know you read this bloggy! Gosh- I love you :)
      And...YA THOSE CROCS!!


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