Thursday, January 8, 2015

Cabin Sunday

  Craig's family owns a cabin up in Payson Canyon and occasionally we get to trek up there and spend the afternoon/night.
When the leaves were starting to change, we had a chance to head up there because we got out of church early. 
Other than me trying to focus on some homework, we were able to have some fun with family.
Craig took a couple funky classes this last semester for his Biology major and was able to do some fun stuff in the canyon for his class.
Lichens and Briophytes is one of the classes. 
Here are some Lichens if anyone we curious...

This is my soon to be sister-in-law!

We found it pretty funny that Craig decided to open the fizzy pop- don't worry it exploded all over him :)

Up at one of the lakes- perfect weather and beautiful scenery there

The boys skipped rocks for what felt like a couple hours...haha!
This is not a game I can participate in because...
This is Craiger taking a mold of an animal track for his other class, Mammalogy...

Like I said...weird classes...
He loved um.

  Love the time we get to spend together <3
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  1. This looks like so much fun. And I love the Payson lakes. The top one is my favorite.


    1. Aren't they so fun?! I think Craig's favorite thing to do is go find little froggies to catch. I held one this time and about died...I do NOT like slimy things- but it was pretty dang cute :)


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