Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Date Night Fails...

As you will soon see, I am NOT (all caps, bolded) a photographer.
But, every now and then, I try and capture a pic of the hubs and I. 
We don't have a tripod or a remote, so we have become pretty good about placing, stacking, etc. our camera to snap a good one.

Well, sometimes they aren't so good.
Not only does Craig hate pictures, but he thinks one is enough...but when I continue to fail...he gets just a little impatient :)

Love this hubs.

 Ya, we finally just settled with a selfie.
Go us.
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  1. HAHHA!!! totally relate with this! i try realllll hard but only get one good one out of like 394873947192 tries. plus, taylor gets pretty sick of it after awhile. HA

    1. haha! I am glad to hear that my husband isn't the only one :)

  2. Haha this is hilarious cause it's so true. We litterally get one good pictures out of a thousand (well maybe not a thousand, but you know what I mean) that we take.



    1. haha! Your husband must be a very patient man! I am luck if i get 4 tries...only on good day :)

  3. hahah this made me laugh so hard because i can SO relate!! husbands just don't totally get that you need a REALLY good shot to be satisfied - not one with your heads cut off ;) we tried to take one with my christmas tree over the break and literally 17 tries in, we gave up. next time we're using the selfie route :)

    1. AMEN Sista :) Ha- love to hear that others have their little failures too :)

  4. Hahah I was smiling the whole time while I read this! I will tell ammon, just one picture but it always ends up being wayyy more than that! Love reading your blog!

    Hope all it well :)


    1. Seriously the truth right?! and Thank you so much!! Right back at you!- it is so fun to see where everyone is going...especially everyone that is married!
      Thanks again Courtney!


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