Friday, January 16, 2015

#MegRyan Wedding Dinner

The wedding festivities began on Friday night.
We had driven straight from school after one of my many Anatomy tests, 
and we arrived, got 'perdy', and then headed down to the wedding dinner for the cutest couple around.

After a very yummy dinner, all of my siblings decided to do a little "roast" on my brother.
To say that we are pretty hilarious would be an understatement!

The groom with the best parents around :)

Handsome hubs and I
These are my four siblings.
Me, Ryan, Chelsea, Brandon, and Nicole!
And hey- we are in the right order too- youngest to oldest :)
Nicely done Carlisles :)
 The bride and groom

Didn't get the "be cool" memo on that last pic there...
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  1. celeste - you pull of that rosy red lip better than anyone i have ever seen. gorgeous girl.


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