Thursday, January 15, 2015

Our Little House

K friends- 
this is a post just for my memory.
I want to document what our first little house looked like. 
No judging :)
This is perfect for us and we love it no matter how perfect your little abode is!
Ha- so here we go!
 This is the bedroom that we love to switch around.
The bedroom where we sometimes make our bed, sometimes don't.
This is the bedroom that many pieces of shabby furnature have joined us and soon after left for a new home called DI.
This is the bedroom that has been the perfect place to fold the loads of laundry that we do once a week.
This is the bedroom where we continue to push snooze on our alarms.
This is the bedroom where we first slept together and has been full of lots of warm cuddles. 
 This is our (messy) extra bedroom...but remember, we keep it real on this blog- so no I wasn't even going to think about not posting it!
This is the extra bedroom who has been extremely good at hiding birthday presents and Christmas presents.
This is the extra bedroom that holds all of the DI stuff and primary lessons.
This is the extra bedroom where we rush in to iron things before we rush out the door.
This is the extra bedroom that has been very good at holding all of the unwanted school books.
(Since taking this picture-which was just a few weeks ago- Craig cleaned up after his clutter wife and it is now CLEAN. Hear that?? clean :))
This is the bathroom where there have been many negative pregnancy test thrown away (well, just a few- BUT gotta hate those scares once in a while!)
This is the bathroom where Craig held my hair back while sick as a dog.
Did I mention hair?- Oh Yes. This is the bathroom that collects the hair I a dog...
This is the place where my honey sings at the top of his lungs while showering.
This is the bathroom that guides me from the warm, comfy bed at 5 AM.

(this is a little quote we have in our bathroom- good reminders...all the time)
This is both our kitchen and our front door...ha!
This is the front door that holds a portrait of the perfect summer backyard with kids running around.
This is also the front door that allows all kinds of leaves in...
This is the kitchen that welcomes the smells of all of lovelies that are baked.
This is the kitchen that has also been full of many disappointing recipes...or failed...
This is the kitchen where Craiger does the dishes...and I help dry :)
This is the kitchen where we sit on the counter and share our stories of the days...and sometimes share a few kisses too!
This is a wall full of pictures of our special love.
This is our wall of constant reminder of why we are where we are. 
This is the wall that holds all that is dear to us.
This is our 'dining room'.
This is the table we got when we got married...and it stares at me everyday begging me to stain it...
This is table that holds many dear homework assignments.
This is the table that is sometimes ignored when no dinner is made...
This is one of the many window seals we have...we try and stock it with things that we care about most.

  This is the side table that holds many drinks...
and was only $4.99...thanks.
This is the family room that has been the gathering place of friends.
This is the family room that finally got some couches...
This is the family room that now has a beautiful entertainment center!
This is the family room that we have fallen asleep in...multiple times.
This is the family room that allows us to laugh our bums off at the shows we see.
This is the room in which I threaten Craig that I might go sleep in (when I want to bite his head off!)
And...oh so many others! 
If you did endure this home tour- good job :)
I will always love our first little place.
Yes, there will always be people that have bigger, better, brighter, etc...but they won't hold so many dear memories. They wouldn't have these perfect imperfections.
They wouldn't have us.
and...I really like us :)
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  1. sooo cute! I love it. Also, it looks so big. Sometimes I feel like we live in a shoe box. So you're lucky to have such a spacious space.



    1. I like how big the main room is, that part is nice...but sometimes I wish I lived somewhere smaller because I feel like our space is so BARE sometimes! Plus- everything is in like one room- door, kitchen, eating area, and family room. HA! But, I shouldn't complain because it really is very nice :) Thanks cute Mila!

  2. Your place and this whole post is too cute! I like the way you documented it. No worries, our second bedroom is the room to throw random crap in and keep the door shut haha.

    1. AH! Rachel- thank you! I just read a tiny bit of your blog! Thank you so much for your comment!- plus- it is nice to know that someone else has the "junk room" like us :)

  3. your white couches and your picture wall! heart eyes! you have great taste, what a beautiful apartment. (i love seeing other people's spaces!)

    1. Oh gosh...I don't know about the whole great taste thing...I am not going to deny that I completely lack in this new "my house is simple yet perfect" thing...But thanks girl. Means a lot :)


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